If you have black PST w gold HW, would you get a GST in same config??

  1. Hello

    If you've seen the in action thread, you may know i got a black PST w gold HW. This morning after woke up, i realized i need to get a large tote for my labtop so i can visit customer and attend lessons without taking two bags (1 handbag and 1 labtop bag). Then, i paid a visit to chanel this evening and only GST interests me, but they only have black with gold HW which is the SAME config of my PST :wtf: , what should i do??? i don't want two bags having the same config .. :s

    1. buy the GST and sell the PST
    2. forget the GST and still take 2 bags..
    3. keep the PST and buy another bag, i've this miu miu on mind

    i know you gals are chanel gals, but you'd give me the most honest opinions, right??? :p

  2. I think the Cerf tote is better for laptop.
  3. I would ask the SA if she could find me another color..
    If not, maybe I will sell the PST for the GST since u need GST more..:push::sweatdrop:

    However, it looks much different thou..but I personally dont want to have similar bags.hehe
  4. well, u can get GST w/ sh. or beige. I just saw the beige, gorgeous color!!
  5. The GST in the beige caviar is gorgeous. I also have the PST black caviar with gold hardware and adore it.

    I would never sell the PST. To me it is a great evening bag whereas the GST is a great daytime bag and they are different. Why don't you get the black with silver hardware?
  6. i agree w/ fauve, i think the pst can be used for dressier events while the gst is more everyday possibly work bag...and beczu the pst i'd use for dressier occassioins, i'd get it in gold, which is what you have, for me the gst in gold is too blingy for everyday, so silver would be a great choice
  7. hi, agree with takeoutbox and fauxe. they looks the same, but serve different needs, if you can think pst is good for sometime during the day and excellent for night out bag. its compact and cute. you can wear it dress up and down. but GST is definetely the daytime work tote that you probably will use more. i think GST with silver hardware will look gorgeous.. if you dont want to ended up having 2 same style bags, maybe sell the pst and get the gst? if me, i think will go with black gst silver hardware ( its harder to find in stores) or beige gst ( its easier to find ) ..
  8. I agree..another color
  9. agree with Fauve and takeoutbox. both are lovely.