If you have anything trunks & locks

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  1. Creme, can you see through the trunk? I realized today that mine almost looks like it has air pockets or bubbles behind the trunk. I originally thought it was the monogram showing through, but it's not. It's flat to the touch, but it has noticeable spots. Anyone else notice this?
  2. That is normal. It's the pattern coming through the silkscreen. All the ones in the store had this. Some more noticeable than others. Hope that helps.
  3. i actually sent one back because of this. some of them had it while others either didn't or it wasn't apparent to me. i thought i was the only one who noticed it because until your post i had never seen it mentioned. i'm normally not that picky but this concerned me because i wondered if it would peel where the bubbles were if it were not properly adhered there. i feared it might sort of blister. not sure if it ever would tho.
  4. I agree with the other poster, it's normal. I checked out several different items at the store with the cream trunk and they all had this. Unfortunately thats what kept me from buying any of them.
  5. I'm bummed, I just noticed it last night. Today is the 30th day of purchase. I'm wondering if I should see if the store has any more in stock for a possible exchange? I've already used the wallet, but I want assurance it's not a defect.
  6. just curious, do you think it would lead to blistering/peeling? that was my worry.
  7. my passport cover has it too. I noticed it on the second day and thought maybe I caused it!! came on this forum and someone else had mentioned it and I felt relieved. phew. anyway, I also noticed if you have the agenda with the trunks and locks diary paper there are 'spots' on the pictures of the trunks and thought maybe they were going after that effect. I can post pics if you'd like.
  8. Yes, it is normal. That was the reason I bought the red trunks (see my avatar pic.) It should not, however, cause any premature peeling.
  9. I looked at several locks and trunks items today, they all had the spots. The SA said it is normal, and is not a defect in any way. She said she has not known of any blistering or peeling. I feel better now, I'm keeping and enjoying my wallet =)
  10. No I don't see it blistering or peeling but I do wonder if it would rub off over time since it reminded me of something with only one coat instead of 2 if that makes sense. It was just something that I would have noticed and focused on as if something was wrong with it even though it likely would have been fine.

    ETA: Maybe you can take it in and show your SA, let them know your concern. That way if an issue comes up with it down the road you will have already brought it to their attention and hopefully they would take care of it one way or another.
  11. I have an option of buying a Trunks and locks agenda in either the orange (Bordeaux) or crème (from a friend) and after seeing these posts I'm thinking the orange is the way to go. Can anyone else chime in? I do have both key holders and notice the "bubbles" in the crème one but not the orange one.....very strange.
  12. Can someone post a pic please? I have the orange trunk insolite and I don't understand what it is that OP is referring to.