If you have an offer to work with a-devil wears prada- boss, would you accept it?

  1. if you guys have the oppurtunity to work with a girl like Miranda Priestley (in a book not in the movie), totally demanding person, but totally talented and bright, would you take it, and consider it as a challenging oppurtunity, or stay away?
  2. if i knew that after a year it would get me higher then if i did 3years somewhere else then yes.. but i dont think i could cope more than a year.. shes hard work in the book
  3. Only if you think you can handle it. And not long term. Is it a stepping stone to something else? What are your alternatives?
  4. i have no alternatives, and this is not for stepping stone.

    I mean, if you got an offer, but rumor has it, the bosses are like Miranda Priestley, fully demanding, easy to get angry on some silly/small thing, but very very smart, famous and talented, BUT the firm also offer you lots of great benefit with other perks, which probably above averages, would you take this as an opportunity or stay away?

    If you leave her office, you probably get a flashy resume' (cos you ever worked there), but, i'm not looking for a stepping stone job, i'm looking for a permanent/hopefully until retirement day kind of job....

    i mean is it possible to work with Miranda Priestley for long time/until retirement day maybe? or.... person like her is just for a stepping stone phase?
  5. oh, and you already have a nice job.... nothing is wrong with your job, it just the benefit offer and other perks that this firm offer you is almost twice as much as you've got in this current job.

    do you guys take the chance?
  6. I've already had a boss like that, so no. She was and is the biggest b*tch I have ever met. I still smile when I remember walking out on that job. Hehehe

    I don't think it's worth it. In my case the woman wasn't particularly talented but did have some limited influence in the organization. She was mean, jealous, vindictive, hyper-critical.... Good riddance.
  7. Done it and hated every second of my life.
  8. In the end the stress you might go through may not be worth all the extra perks. We all can handle only so much. Good luck with your decision.:smile:
  9. No way!
  10. My take on it is that life is too short to put up with that kind of pressure at work. Been there done that. The only thing is did for me was make me ill with stress. You're not going to change them, and they will not appreciate you. Find someone else that will.
  11. I work for someone worse than her because she's lacking the "bright & talented part." She's just a straight up insane & self-centered troll of a person, but the job pays well and I knew it wasn't a forever position when I took it.

    Luckily, I quitting my job in like 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I work for a person like this now (except a guy). I've gotten some good experience and an 80% increase in pay. But if I had to do it over again I would say no. If you think you will regret not taking the job down the road then maybe go for it, but otherwise just appreciated your nice current position.;)
  13. Depends only on the pay. :graucho:
  14. yep if the talent part is there. I like a challenge and frankly Andy in the book is doing exactly what Nigel in the movie tells her: WHINING!. sure Miranda is a tough nut and sometimes a total b... but for the talent, the learn factor, the benefits etc of it I would totally do it. not forever but even if just to find out whether the person is really that bad.

    when I started a job before getting pregnant I heard all sorts of stories about how demanding etc the boss (although very nice personality) - well I didn't think that, she was right up my alley (does that make me a totally demanding, terrible b.... ??? :roflmfao::shame::amazed: ) but seriously we were both perfectionists, and she wasn't that bad. I can't say for someone worse than that.
  15. no way!! and my boss is already a damn pain!