If you have a shoulder tote...

  1. If you have a shoulder tote, can you please post a picture of it wide open? I'm trying to figure out if I would be able to fit my things in it.
  2. Here are pics of the inside of mine...Now that I'm thinking about it I should've put somethings in there for you to determine the size. I'll post better pics later if no one does by the time I get off work, take pics, & upload. The first pic has a gift box in it just to keep shape.
    2006_0808Image0001.jpg 2006_0808Image0002.jpg
  3. I'll post the dirty inside of my hamptons. It's not the small one, but it's not huge. I don't know what size it is, here it is one me and with stuff in it (I have a ton of stuff in it).

    Me with it on (I am 5'7)


    and the very messy inside:


    you'll have to excuse that's it's really disorganized, it's due for a cleaning-out.

    Okay...phone, huge makeup bag, bronzer, medicine bottle, huge wallet, huge camera (not pictured in there but always in there), foundation, big note pad, gum, packs of batteries, an eiffel tower sucker (don't ask, lol), playing cards, tide to go pen, pretty much my life. but I always keep my pens, makeup, in that blue bag so the inside doesn't get dirty!!
  4. Here is mine! You got lucky, I was using mine today! :graucho: I have a medium purseket in there too, in case anyone was wondering the size.
  5. you guys are so organized. I swear my bag doesn't normally look like this.
  6. Heres my green carryall, this is just a picture I have on my laptop of it while its stuffed. I should post pictures of my black soho double pocket since I use that as a shoulder bag more often, but I'm lazy :P



    Side view --

  7. Alright, now I really have decided I must have one of these! :nuts:
  8. ]

    I was totally disorganized until I got that purseket. I need to have spaces for everything or I can't be organized at ALL ... like I don't have a very big closet now so all of my clothes are everywhere. :P
  9. Thank you all for posting your pics. They are a big help.

    anotheremptysky, where did you get the purseket at? It's what I need.

  10. Hey abandonedimages, can you luge around a laptop in your carryall? (a macbook to be exact, they're pretty tiny)
  11. I got mine off ebay, but there is a website too! I think they may only ship in the US though. But if you do a search on ebay, some will come up. I have a medium and a small one and they have seriously made my life so much easier!
  12. Yes ma'am I believe so! I can carry my laptop in it and I have a Dell. Its a small Dell, about a 15" screen.

    That would be awesome! :yahoo:
  13. Wow, I'm amazed at how much that shoulder tote holds. I've been really wanting the dark brown signature one but wasn't sure it would be big enough for me to use for work/school. I think your picture answered that question for me! Thanks!
  14. Sorry I'm late but I finally got around to taking pics of my tote. I can fit my cosmetic case, camera, keys, wallet, checkbook, mini skinny, sunglasses, and I still have plenty of room left.
    2006_0810Image0003.jpg 2006_0810Image0004.jpg