If you have a pochette accessories and a small agenda - need favor

  1. Can you take a pic of the agenda and maybe a phone inside the pochette? I wanted to see what else might be able to fit in. I would probably just carry my car keys, lip gloss, and a small pill case along with my cell and small agenda (framboise vernis).

    If that doesn't work, I guess I will consider using a smaller card case if I end up getting the pochette...

    Thanks in advance.

  2. anyone? anyone? I'd like to see this too!
  3. I can take a picture of a phone and my PDA for you? I don't have n agenda, but maybe my PDA can take place of the agenda. If it works, let me know & I'll have it up in less than 5 minutes.
  4. Just took a pic of my new Azur with my small agenda, phone and small wallet, you still can fit your keys and couple lip glosses, I have a very tiny Kate Spade makeup bag that I use when I carry this bag and fits well with all this inside.
  5. Here is the pic with phone, makeup bag, agenda, keys and small tiny wallet
    and the zip close easy with no problems with all that junk, looks bulky but it is amazing how much you can put inside this cute bag.
  6. Oooh thanks for the photo, I'm still waiting on mine ! Argggh !
  7. Wow, I never realized you could fit so much in the pochette! Thanks for the photos.
  8. Yeah i didn't know it could fit so much too!
    Wouldn't it heavy for a small bag if you stuff it up like that, like would the small strap manage??
  9. I was going to post pics but bags4me beat me to it :P I used to be really paranoid about the tiny strap too but I've been collecting pochettes and using them for the past two years and they've never broken on me. What kind of a bag would it be if it did anyway ;)

    And it really does help if you play a bit of tetris with your stuff in order to get it all to fit and not make the pochette look ridiculous.
  10. yeah, me either! good pics! i think i'll buy a cerises one... maybe...
  11. Thanks so much for the pics...didn't realize you could fit all that into it...
  12. Wow, I was looking at the wapity, but the pochette is like the tardis. I was thinking of getting something to carry in my bag as well as have something that is nice enough to swing on my arm. Is the pochette my best bet.
  13. Thank you for the pics!