if you have a mezzo, do you...

  1. have a smaller purse inside?!

    Like a bag within a bag where you keep your essentials so it doesn't get lost in the bag?

    LOL..okay, I sound nutty....:weird:
  2. i know a few people who does this!
  3. Doesn't sound nutty at all.....I have different bags (wristlets) inside all my bags to keep things organized.:nuts:
  4. hehe.... That is just what I'm doing at this moment. Trying to fit a small purse not in a Mezzo, but my Noe.
  5. Nah, it's not nutty! I'm sure more people do this on the board (I probably would too, if I had this bag); there's a d-ring inside that bag so you can attach a pochette accessories for better organization. :yes: When I use my petit noe, I attach my pochette on the d-ring of the bag because my stuff gets lost inside!
  6. I don't have a mezzo, but it's funny you mentioned this... lol last time I went to LV, I brought my Saleya GM to get heatstamped, but it was a school day, so I was like "how am i supposed to bring all my books home after without a bag?!?!?"... So I stuck my BH INTO the saleya GM (yes it fits well, still lotsa room left) lol.... so I guess the BH is acting like a 'small purse'??? lol
  7. I dont have the mezzo but do have the lockit H, which they are very similar in size.
    I have had all my stuff in my lockit since I got it a weeke ago, the other day i got my mono pochette and have been using it when i have running around to do. Inside the pochette i have my mc agenda, cles and lipgloss. When i decided to take off yeterday i just tossed the pochette in the lockit and away i went, it acted like another pocket.

    I'm very please with both :biggrin: the same could work for you.
  8. I'm thinking of the Antigua PM besides my two pochettes (mini & reg). And use it as a casual tote besides storing things inside for organization.
  9. i do this! lol, actually i never did this, untill i got my cabas raye gm. its a beautiful bag but really big and its so hard to keep everything in order, so what i did was try to put all my essentials - wallet, cell phone, keys etc. in my regular mono pochette so i can a) keep everything i use alot organized and also so b) if i have to run out somewhere, but don't feel like carrying a big bag, i can just grab the pochette and be on my way. :yes:
  10. Welcome! :flowers:
  11. go for it jill- i love this idea bc when i run errands, i like to grab the smaller bag inside the bigger bag to jot in and out of a store..somehow with a bigger bag, i can't move as quickly! :p
  12. In my Mezzo I carry a cosmetic purse for all my make up, Iwould never just throw stuff in willy nilly. I love the Bucket bags that have pouch inside
  13. oh, yes, wears my manners, welcome Danielle!
  14. aw, thank you guys! glad to be here
  15. thanks everyone! I was in the celebrity thread and was looking at the mezzo's and thought, "gosh, how on earth will I ever find my lipgloss in that" Lol..

    I'm thinking of getting one for summer as an everyday bag. I think it'll fit my gucci tote (as my main bag) or smaller bag, my lunch, extra shoes (sometimes), sweater...

    would it be weird to have a mezzo and a lockit? I hate having two bags that serve the same purpose...but the lockit is more chic than a mezzo. mezzo is kinda casual right?