If you have a mandarin epi bag

  1. can you wear it all the time or do you find it doesn't go with alot of outfits. Also, is it "too much" to wear for everyday because it's a very noticeable color. What do you think?
  2. I have the Jasmin and love it! It actually does go with a lot..I was concerned that it wouldn't but it looks really nice with white, tan, dark brown in the fall, certain shades of pink, etc. I don't think it's too much for everyday wear, either. Some people carry MC bags everyday and those are pretty noticeable too.
    But eye catching (especially if you see the color first, and not the logo) is a good thing, IMO :smile:
  3. I have no problem wearing it all the time when I'm using it.....I love it, I love the pop of color and it never looked funny with anything I put on for work.....may just be my wardrobe but I even got it to look good with pink by getting an hermes scarf to tie on it that has the mandarin color and a framboise like color in it, so now I'll use my framboise agenda (which I kinda use as a wallet) in it see...
  4. I have on order a Mandarin Large Noe. I will wear it with everything... almost. I think it's going to look awesome with grey. I am a painter and love to mix and match colors, so I'm very excited about putting the Mandarin with different things...

    I also don't like to matchy matchy... but, you are going to love it and will find so many things to do with it. Will it not look stunning with a solid black outfits and boots?

    I guess i wouldn't wear it with eggplant or burgundy....
  5. Since I love the color orange and it is my signature color, I usually can find a way to carry my mandarin jasmine or soufflot with no problem. However, since I purchased my mono speedy, I seem to enjoy the speedy more than the mandarin handbags. Go figure.....
  6. Thanks all, I do love the pop of color that it gives to any outfit. Lola, your speedy looks very elegant with that scarf. :love:
  7. Thanks, and I'm not really a bright pink person, but I had to have something framboise and that scarf had mostly orange and a little of the pink so that's what sold me, orange is really one of my fav. colors, but it's good to dabble in other colors too!
  8. I don't have a Mandarin bag, but I don't have a Mandarin Agenda and I carry it around with me everywhere.
  9. I love that scarf! The color combination is sooo pretty! Did you buy it recently?
  10. Thank you!! Yes I bought it Tuesday!
  11. The only color I try to avoid is all black. But a black top with jeans is okay.
  12. I agree, I try to avoid red as well when I'm carrying my bag! I have the mandara pm and think it's a great bag for the summer/fall, I get so many compliments every time I wear it!
  13. LOVE the mandarin agenda, I got my main agenda in Damier just b/c I wanted to be a little more I guess low key....for work....but I love accessories in color! I don't think I'll ever buy another mono canvas or damier accessory......
  14. I try not to avoid any color and I find that I wind up liking the craziest combo's the best!!!
  15. I love that Mandarin color! I'm a color type of girl, so I'm done with mono and damier bags for a while. I'm more into vernis and epi pieces right now.