If you have a chance & are in Germany, visit Nürnberg Louis Vuitton!

  1. So...this must not be a fluke!

    Went with the hubby and kiddo to Nürnberg today to do a little bit of RAOK shopping :graucho: Of course, first place I wanted to go to was Louis Vuitton! Bart wanted to go to Rene Lezard, so he took the baby and went there. I went into LV, was immediately greeted by a lovely woman named Kathrin. She helped me with what I was looking for (can't say ;) ) and then we talked a little bit about the Amarante and she showed me a few pieces. It really is pretty! I asked her about the fingerprint situation, and she agreed and said that they have had a few returns because of it.

    So anyway, I left and went to find Bart and we went shoping for a bit. While shopping, a few other things popped into my head and when we went back we were immediately greeted with a "Hello again!!" This time Frau Schwarzendahl helped me. She was also very lovely! She complimented us on Julia and showed us the Mini Lin baby bag (which I have been drooling over, but my wallet won't allow me to buy it, lol) and offered us something to drink.

    Either way, the two ladies today were absolutely lovely and if you have a chance to visit Nürnberg LV, then I'd definitely suggest it!! Those two are really great :smile:

    If you guys are on the forum, THANK YOU for being so nice to me today :biggrin: :heart:
  2. good to hear you had a good experience, so many times we hear only about the not-so-good.

    Any LV-executives on line? ^^^^^ read the post, live the post, be the post in all the stores
  3. Glad you had a fab time Lami! I agree it is so nice to hear about positive LV stories!;)
  4. I don't think I've ever met such friendly people at an LV store! They were just so...nice and ready to accommodate any need that I had, even though I'm not a high roller!