If you have a bronze/kakhi color bag, can you please post pics

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  1. If I can get my hands on the baby cabas, I'm trying to decide between the black and the bronze, but I don't remember at all what color the bronze is. I saw the pic from the NM catalog, but I need a real pic from you gals to really tell what it's like. I've searched and searched and haven't found any pics. Is it the same bronze color as in the luxury line, if it is, can someone post a pic of that PLEASE :idea: Also, for those of who have seen it IRL, how metallic does it look?
  2. That's the only pic available right now unfortunately - the one from the NM catalog. I am dying to see RL pics from PF members; hopefully it won't be long!

    It is different from the bronze Luxury line - a little darker and more copper from what's been posted here. The bronze luxury color can be found in the Chanel Reference Library under the "Post pics of your Luxury Ligne" thread.
  3. Thanks Roey, do you know if it's mettalic? If it is, then I'm thinking it's trendy and may not be in when mettalics are out, kwim? Which color do you prefer? I always gravitate toward black (even though 4 out of 5 of my chanel bags are black).
  4. I have the bronze cabas on order. Will post once I receive.
  5. Are bronze and khaki the same color? And can someone snap a pic of the NM catalog pic?
  6. khaki and bronze is the same thing, khaki is the official name from chanel but really it's a bronze color.

    there's a pic from the NM catalog in the reference sub-forum.