If you have a black metallic bowler please respond.

  1. In another thread it was mentioned that the black metallic bowlers from the spring season have only one inside zip pocket. If you have a black metallic bowler, does your bag have one inside zip pocket, or does it have three pockets (zip, cell, and an additional slide pocket)? And when did you purchase it?

    Trying to figure out when Chanel changed the pockets... sometime during the spring season or is it only for the fall.
  2. i bought my bag 3 weeks ago from Saks NY. it has the 3 inner compartments as u have described.
  3. My bags are from the Spring and they only have a zipper pocket and the metal Chanel plaque.
  4. I recall that there was discussion that the first versions only had the inner zipper pocket. Then the later versions came with the three pockets on the inside.
  5. Are there any metallic black still available anywhere?? They are like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Please let me know if you know where I can find one in the med. size.