If you have 2 SAs from 2 diff stores...

  1. how do you decide which store to give your patronage to?

    In my case, the crazy thing about the stores in Singapore here is that their customer database is not linked across stores!

    They're both nice to me and remembers the stuff I've been eyeing and calls me when there's stock.

    SA1 - I really like her much better. She does me little favours like letting me have the LVOE bandeau first, although it was initially set aside for another customer (but with the knowledge that they're receiving stock later in the day, of course). But... her store is much smaller, so it is unlikely I will ever get invites to special events, though on the other hand I like her store exactly because it's cosy and much less crowded, so I get attended to always almost immediately.

    SA2 - I like her too, but not as much, she is a bit clueless about new stuff and seems to need to ask her colleagues. ...her store is the main store here, so I get to have nice treatment like getting to sit at the couch and browse catalogues and drink tea while she fetches stuff for me to view.

    Actually, while writing this, I've decided to stick with SA1 :smile: Cos her store is really cosy and everyone smiles at me! The main store is too big, crowded and impersonal, imo. I guess I'm not a special events kinda girl after all :smile:
  2. Yay for you! My main store is tiny as well- but I love my SA so I don't think I would have the heart to ever switch.
  3. i'd have to go with your choice too. it seems that SA1 pays a little more attention to your purchase history and preferences. also you like that intimate feeling of their boutique too. and on the side, there's probably a better chance of you being a vic there (if you aren't already one). :smile:
  4. SA1 sounds like a real sweet :heart:
  5. Yes, I like the smaller stores too. When I'm in, I'm usually the ONLY one there and maybe a looker, our store is SO slow on the weekdays! So everytime I go in there I always get greeted right away!!!
  6. I have the same dilemma but now i dont really stick with any SA. Anyone who is there to help me I guess. MAybe this is why I never get any VIC gift :smile:
  7. I'd stick with the SA that knows best as well. Good choice.
  8. Definitely SA1 unless there's something else I want in the other store!!
  9. I just cannot get the SA I'd like to remember who I am- she greets me & I have to remind her. And it's not like I'm forgettable so don't be thinking that!:wondering She may be like me- sometimes I don't recognize people- it's so embarrassing......
    So now I just deal with whoever helps me, heck with the SA I wanted in the first place!
  10. there are more important things than vic... but are you sure your small store doesnt give out invites to things?
  11. Yes seems SA1 is the best