If you had to start collecting all over again, what would you do differently?

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  1. There are a lot of different bag-buying philosophies represented in this forum, but I think it's safe to say most of us have seen our approach change over the years.

    Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently if you were starting your collection again?
  2. I would not assume that everything on ebay was authentic.
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  3. That I don't need to buy something from a brand because every one else likes it and it's expensive so it must be good. I've had to sell a few bags lately, some I've done ok on others quite a loss bit they're bags I shouldn't have bought. I did it near when my collection started and thought certain brand reputation meant I should have them in my collection even if I wasn't a huge fan of the style (Chanel being one of those brands).
    I still have a few bags I should never have bought but despite their high price tag they're next to worthless now.
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  4. Only buy what I love, never settle for filler bags, I don't have to get it just because it's on sale.
  5. 1. Dont buy the speedy as a first high end bag
    2. Go for sac de jour when it costed 1600 euro/small in the preferred crocodile print
    3. Only go for bags with high resale value
  6. 1) Don't buy no name bags even if they are cheap cos they have zero resale value.
    2) Don't buy bags just because other people love them.
    3) If you take it out of the box and your heart doesn't sing, send it back asap!
    4) Don't impulse shop during sales.
    5) Don't buy more than 2 of the same bag, even if the rainbow is calling you.
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  7. Wait at least 3 months to buy when you get a bag crush. Most crushes will fade, the loves will remain!
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  8. Don't buy final sale bags just because that style or color is recently discontinued. If it is meant to be, another one will turn up.
  9. Buy what I can afford not just right now but also in the long term, think of the financial consequences! Don't buy a bag just because it is cheap. Before buying wait a day, if I still think of it and dream about it, then buy it! No need to care if everyone has it, if nearly everyone has it, there must be a good reason why.
  10. 1. Buy only what I really want/need/love
    2. Figure out if it will fit into my lifestyle and be something I'm willing to carry a lot
    3. No impulse buys
    4. Collect fewer but better quality items

    I've already employed all the above recently and it has kept my collection to a minimum but assures each piece get their turn being carried. I used to buy on impulse then realized I really had no use or need for them so they sat in the closet for a while before I decided to get rid of them. Now the only bags that sit in the dustbags are ones that are currently not in rotation.
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  11. Nothing really; those that don't work for me are either returned to the store, or sold online. I was lucky that those sales usually manage to recoup the $$ I spent on the item. Won't get to know what I know now about my preferences, unless I went through the process!
  12. I wish I could have been better educated on brands before I started buying. My family is overly thrifty and has zero interest in fashion. So I had to learn everything on my own. That led to a lot of mistakes, missteps & missed opportunities. Also, I really, really, REALLY wish I had started out with the focused process I have now: tracking what I need based on my wardrobe and then getting the perfect bags to meet those needs. Had I had the right information and the right process, there are 150+ bags I never would have bought. 😖

    That being said, the overarching lesson I've learned is to never, ever compromise!! I deserve to wait for and treat myself with the perfect bags. On a micro levels I've learned to only buy when a bag meets all these criteria:
    • High quality
    • Discounted price (sale or resale)
    • Classic stying but not boring (staying power + fun)
    • High resale value
    • Fits my style perfectly
    • Not in a temperamental fabric (Python, patent...)
    • Meets an IDENTIFIED need, not just an "I think I can use this" or passing fancy

    And most of all...I MUST BE OVER THE MOON CRAZY IN LOVE IT!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  13. 1. Don't regret, something better will come along sooner or later

    2. Don't agonise. If you can't afford it, it'll be too expensive to comfortably carry anyway

    3. You don't actually have to collect for a museum. A few exceptional pieces just to admire are enough
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  14. I am not sure I would buy expensive bags!
    I think I would be more interested in a collection of Le Pliage nylon bags in all sorts of colours and sizes...
  15. I'm not a true collector as defined by the standards of tpf. I keep the number of my bags manageable and try to use them all. If they do not fit into my life style, then I do not keep them. Not even if they are "investment" pieces. If I was to start from scratch again, then I would:

    1. Avoid monograms and visible names of designers on bag. It was fine when I was younger, but not now.
    2. Avoid heavy chains, hardware and overall excessive embellishments.
    3. Not get emotionally attached to a bag especially if it doesn't work out.
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