If you had to spend $50 at MAC...


Aug 22, 2007
Hey ladies!

I don't really buy a lot of MAC products. Have loved their foundation in the past and currently use their concealer. Next week I am getting my make up application done there and the cost is $50 in product. So, aside from the lipstick I will wear that evening....what else should I get? Considering the primer....

What's a "must have" at MAC?
Oct 2, 2008
Hmm, I was never really impressed with their primer (Smashbox is far better, IMO). Have you ever bought MAC brushes? I don't buy MAC make up very much anymore b/c I found the quality really lacking, but I still do think highly of their brushes (although I've started to switch to Hakuhodo... XD). The MAC 239 and 219 are fantastic makeup brushes though.


only once you live
Dec 11, 2005
#217 Brush & a Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. Everything else I could take or leave, though a lot of it I would really like - the other two you'd have to pry from my cold, dead hands.