If you had to pick...

  1. First off...you guys are amazing. I have learned so much in the last few weeks and really feel like I have been doing my research (my parents probably wish i worked this hard when I was in college...ha ha!).

    So I'm still down this...PST, GST or Medallion. If I get the PST I could get a pair of ballet flats since it is less expensive than the other two. What's a girl to do?!
  2. Your idea of getting the PST and flats sounds like a great/smart decision;):tup: go for it!!!
  3. Yep, i think the pst and the flats would be gorgeous together. But do you have a Chanel store close by that you can try them all on and make your final decision that way?

    Any one of them will be great, my first was the GST :smile:
  4. I prefer the GST and the Medallion over the PST. I don't know, I just like large handbags.
  5. The Medallion isn't larger than the PST, to me.
    I'd got for GST if you need a big bag. If you need a really big bag, I'd go for PST & flats! :biggrin:
  6. I like the Medallion tote!
  7. Go for the PST and flats, more bang for your buck :graucho:
  8. I do have a store near me. As soon as the x-mas madness ends I'm there! Can't wait to show you all pics!!!

  9. ITA! :yes:
  10. Try on the bags and go for the one you like the most that way you won't regret your purchase.
  11. My vote is for the pst! It's such a great everyday handbag!!!
  12. Another vote for the PST and ballet flats :yes:
  13. i vote medallion!
  14. I have both PST & GST, it really depends on your need of size, PST offers plenty of room for essentials, but I use GST more during winter time b/c i have room for small hand lotions, scarf or cardigan, KWIM?

    If you have a Saks near you, the next EGC event is 12/15 if i am not mistaken. It's like you spend X amount of money, you receive Y amount of Saks gift card back (must use w/n60 days, but SA can waive that restrction by asking manager). It's how I buy Chanels :graucho: PM me if you don't have a Saks near by, I can help out :smile: