If you had to pick one??


Which bag should I get?

  1. Manhattan PM

  2. Black Epi Jasmin

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am getting a new bag but are torn! Should I get the Manhattan PM or the Black Epi Jasmin UGH decisions!
  2. tee hee. i'm winning. wait, i'm the only one who voted. i say manhattan!
  3. Manhattan PM - I tend to be a Mono person... plus the gold accents and the shape of the bag is adorable!
  4. Manhattan!!!! Both bags are not very common, plus I think the Manhattan looks classier (but I still love the Jasmin!)...
  5. Manhattan PM
  6. Manhattan
  7. Jasmine!!!!...but if you must get Manhattan, go with the GM!
  8. I like the manhattan.
  9. Another vote for the Manhattan!
  10. Manhattan ~ I have it and totally love it :love:
  11. Manhattan
  12. my thought exactly. :yes:
  13. I would never be able to stand the big strap on the GM, I love the bigger size but no way with the strap, I tried it on and WOAH what a pain and if you tack it back its ugly!
  14. Manhattan for sure.
  15. I'm biased because I have and love the Jasmin. It's such a different style and it's easy to spice up with a bag charm if you think it looks too formal :yes: