If you had to pick one Vernis bag...


Which Vernis Bag

  1. Roxbury Drive

  2. Malibu Street

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I need help in deciding between the Roxbury Drive and Malibu Street. HELP!
  2. Roxbury! More functional and space :smile:
  3. I like the Roxbury better!
  4. Roxbury for sure..the Malibu is too expensive for the size, IMO. It also has a lot less room, I can see that you'd probably get a lot more use out of the Roxbury.
  5. Roxbury!!!
  6. Roxbury. :yes:
  7. I voted for the Roxbury. But you may want to post pics of both so those who are not familiar with the Vernis line can help you as well.

    I personally have no idea what the malibu bag looks like. ;)
  8. I voted for the roxbury. What color will you get
  9. Roxbury Drive
  10. Here's a comparison ;)
  11. Here are the pics!

    Roxbury Drive

    Malibu Street

    I would get either Pomme or Fram
  12. Thanks Rebecca!
  13. The roxbury - more room. Love the roxbury in the pomme colour.:love:
  14. Haha we posted at the same time! And you're welcome :flowers:
  15. Roxbury!