If you had to pick just one...

  1. :confused1:So I am just getting into my new hand bag obsession- my old college bags just aren't going to cut it anymore- and I was wondering the best place to start. I am a mother of two little boys, so I need to carry a lot of stuff and prefer leather so it's some what washable and durable. My funds are a little limited right now, so I was wondering what all you veteran fashionistas out there would suggest for one do-it-all-take-anywhere bag.
  2. cclily....Hello, and welcome to endless obsessing. What is your price range, and do you like totes?
  3. oh, yes that might be helpful... probably around $300. And yes- I love totes!
    thanks for asking.
  4. [​IMG]
    Sigrid Olsen Sand Piper for $231.95 at Zappos

    Cole Haan Village Bucket Tote for $298.95 at Zappos

    Sigrid Olsen James Dean Tote for 201.95 at Zappos

    Just a few suggestions....
  5. This is a little bit out of your price range but it might be on sale at the Nordies Anniversary sale that starts tomorrow

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Tote $398
    I haven't seen this one IRL but something noteworthy is that some MbyMJ bags are heavy due to the thickness of leather!

    Francesco Biasa Pure Magic II Tote on sale $262
    mbymkq.jpg fb.jpg
  6. Coach has great durable and stylish bags

    Ergo Tote $328
    Ergo Hobo $268
    Or, if you can, hit a Coach Outlet
  7. I'm going to second the Coach Ergo Hobo. It feels REALLY lightweight and comfortable on your shoulder even if you fill it with stuff!
  8. I'd go with Cole Haan Village Bucket Tote. Very stylist..love it.

    The small one goes for $295 and comes in 4 colors on Colehaan.com


    Large one goes for $375 and comes in 2 colors

  9. Those are all great ideas- thanks sooo much!
  10. i love hayden harnett as well...i agree with everyone else on the cole haan bucket and the coach ergo (i own both and love them!!!) welcome to TPF!
  11. Another vote for Hayden Harnett.... I love them, and the customer service is wondeful!