If you had to pick between POP. H or BH?

  1. I cant' decide between the BH which I love, but then I saw the thread on the Popincourt Haut and that is to die for too. So which one would you pick and why?
  2. Popincourt haut, sometimes I find the BH too large for me but I'm also 5'0 so.. blah, sometimes things are large. I have both though, and I also have the BV, I love these shoulder bags ! :biggrin:

    Plus the PH has a zipper ! And BALLS !
  3. Ha! That was my exact thought when I first saw it. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  4. LOL!
    I chose the BH.
  5. Popincourt haut! I'm also short so i think the BH would be way too big on me.
  6. depends on the size...if i wanted a nice reg. shoulder bag, PH. but for something a bit larger, to carry files or something, BH
  7. yes it kind of depends on what you want it for. if it's for regular use, the Popincourt Haut would be good. but if it's for school/work, the Batignolles Horizontal would be better; when the Fall semester starts i'll be using that for school :yes:!
  8. I have both and like both, I just use them for different occasions.

    For daily use, the pop. haut is too small for me. But, I take the bus to work and want room for my regular stuff, plus an ipod and my lunch. The BH is just right for all of that.....

    When I"m going out and trying to be cute, the pop haut is a better choice!
  9. BH for sure!!
  10. I have the BH so I give a biased vote for it. It's a cute style and can fit as much or as little as you want. And it's a very comfy shoulder bag, which for me, counts for a LOT.
  11. i prefer the BH! :yes:
  12. BH for me. I like the Pop Haut and although it does have balls (snickers) the balls tend to clang together, so it all depends on if you can stand the constant clanging of the little balls . I use my BH for work and it fits everything, lunch..files...shoes...wallet marvelously... so it depends on its use
  13. I have the PH and just love it. I looked at both before buying and guess the PH was just "me." :heart: The balls clicking together don't bother me a bit -- I even like the noise!
  14. I like both so i guess it all depends on whether you want a large bag or a smaller one.
  15. I tried on the BH in the store and it just did not do it for me. I loved all the pics online but it is whole different thing once you see it on your body. I can see using this for work or something but it looked a little to corporate for the look I was trying to achieve. The PH, i didn't have a chance to stand in front of the mirror with but as a everyday purse I would go with the PH.