If you had to pick: Alana v Ledbury

  1. Evening :yes:

    If you had to choose between the alana and the ledbury, which one would you go for? :tup:
  2. The Alana. I don't have either but I like the shape of the Alana
  3. Ledbury. I have both and find the Ledbury the most versatile. It's small enough for a night out but still very roomy. I always use it for work if I know I'm going straight out after :smile: and it's a classic shape :smile:

    Saying that, I do like the Alana too, so it depends what you would be using it for. I would say you can fit slightly more in but maybe not as much as you would think. The size is a bit deceptive imo, still a lovely bag tho :smile:

    Another thing, it's quite easy to not fasten the press stud on the Alana properly which means things can easily fall out.
  4. ledbury a mulberry classic on a smaller scale
  5. Alana... I have never really taken to the Ledbury, as I don't like that it is a handheld only... like the shoulder strap on the Alana!
  6. I would def take both!!!! hehehe
  7. Ledbury. Personally not keen on the shape of the alana/ emmy but that's just me!
  8. If we're talking purely evening then Ledbury - it's more elegant than Alana. I have an Alana and love it but it is more of a day bag IMO.
  9. Ledbury. Cute, simple, stylish. Not personally a big fan of the Alana.
  10. Again, personally I love the Ledbury so much I have too. Very versatile and I use these more than any other.
  11. Thanks everyone for all your opinions! I *think* im set on a ledbury now, but had thoughts about an alana, so was wondering which would be most versatile.