If you had to pick a Kira....

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  1. I found a brown kira on craigslist and am pursuing it. I also noticed that there is a blue kira listed for sale as well.

    Which would you rather have? I like the neutral brown but at the same time I love color. <EEEKKKKK>

    Help me pick!!!!
  2. For me it would matter more what kind of condition as I've seen some of the Kiras can have more color loss with a specific color than others...
  3. ^^ which ones bunny? Both are in like new conditions. I just really want to know
  4. HI,
    I say go for the Blue!!! Add some color to your life!!! LOL
    Good Luck!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. They're both very pretty, but I :heart: brown bags, so I would go for that one.
  6. I've found the browns to lose color (w/o use, just shelf wear, or handling) than other colors so far... but as always, YMMV.
  7. it looks like you have a very nice rounded collection. i think the green and blue are gorgeous! i also like the brown and grey just not as much, its such a unique bag,both the blue and green are unique colors! i think the blue is a gorgeous shade. it suites the bag. hope this helps.
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    Blue - such a vibrant pop of color to your wardrobe :smile:
  9. I vote brown - classic and will go with so much more than the blue. I'm too practical (boring) for color :shucks:
  10. Is it the tote it satchel?
  11. Blue!!!
  12. Brown...the blue bag won't go with as many every day outfits as the brown would.
  13. I'd soooo get the blue! It's gorgeous!
  14. I would go for the Blue....

    This is an amazing bag... I got the red this year and it rocks
  15. I purchased the Kira Tote in Brown but ended up returning it because the scratches were very noticeable. It was literally impossible to remove them. I didn't find the problem as bad with my Bordeaux and Gray Kiras. I, personally, would go for the Blue Kira it's such a beautiful color.