If you had to get rid of one, which???

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Which would you let go of?

  1. Black MC Priscilla

  2. SO Damier Cabas Piano

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  1. Okay, so last week I made a post asking if I should get rid of my SO Damier Cabas Piano for an MC Petit Noe, but I was able to get the Noe and keep the Piano in the end. However, some money issues have come up, and I have to let one of my beloved bags go:crybaby:. It's pretty much between the Damier Cabas Piano and a Black MC Priscilla.

    Here's my reasoning:

    Pros: I love handbags; one of my dream bags; pretty!
    Cons: I already have 4 Speedies (all of which I love); bulky/awkward to carry?

    Damier CP
    Pros: convenient as a shoulder bag; different; all-weather
    Cons: shoulder strap falls off; doesn't carry as much as I'd like.

    I also have a MC Petit Noe, Croissant GM, and 4 Speedies. So which would you get rid of and why???
  2. I would get rid of a regular speedy, they are the easiest to replace IMO
  3. Damier CP
  4. I don't like black MC so you know the answer and damier is timeless...
  5. i'd get rid of the Priscilla for now; if you regret it you can always buy another one. the Damier Cabas Piano would be of a lot more use and if you regret getting rid of it it'll be a long time before you can get a new one
  6. Your damier cabas piano is such a sophisticated bag. The cabas piano is beautiful and because it's in damier, you got a very special bag. As there are rumors that the cabas piano will be discontinued, you may not be to get a new one, if you regret selling it.

    The black multicolore isn't a timeless bag. I'm not a fan of black multicolore, so my opinion isn't totaly objective, but I do think it'll be out of fashion in a couple of years.
  7. I suggest the priscilla since you already have 4 speedy's ... why don't you think about it for a few days and see which you would miss:sad:
  8. I'd get rid of the Black MC Priscilla, if I were you.
  9. Not the Priscilla its too beautiful! Like someone else suggested, maybe one of your 4 other speedies? If its a regular one (mono, damier, etc.) you can always get it back later!
  10. Black MC Priscilla
  11. I say the Priscilla. It can be replaced easier than the SO Damier.
  12. Okay, here's the problem: I honestly like the Priscilla more than the Cabas Piano, but I feel like if I get rid of the CP, I'll never see one again. But is that reason enough to keep that one over one I really truly like? :confused1: I guess I could always get the Priscilla again since it isn't going anywhere, though...
  13. OMG.. Keep the CP!!! I would love to own that bag. I have it in Mono and it's one of my favorite LVs!
    Like some have said, you can always rebuy the Priscilla... or sell one of the speedies?!
  14. I love Damier Cabas Piano more
  15. You have to keep the SO Piano.