If you had to decide between a leather or sig Carly?

  1. My husband asked for a list of three or four bags I like from Coach because, if he decides he can get me a bag for x-mas, he wants to be the one to pick it. I don't want to be a control freak but the large Carly is the one I want. Problem is all my bags are brown, I know it's redundant and a little boring but I like brown. I like the brown sig carly and the brown leather carly. Which would you all choose? I have one chocolate sig bag and a few brown leather bags from other brands. Or should I put the khaki/black and khaki/bronze on the list with the browns, because I wear alot of black and they might be a good change?? I can't return what he picks though, it would hurt his feelings, so I have to be happy with it!
  2. Leather, it is sooooo nice and feels great on!
  3. Mix it up and go for the khaki beet beautiful bag.:drool::yes:
  4. ^^You see, this is my problem I like them all!! The leather is silky soft and drapes beautifully and the sig colours like the beet are stunning. BTW my mom's likes the khaki/beet the best too.
  5. With all that brown, I'd mix it up and get the Carly in Chili leather!! Red would really look great with all the browns you like to wear:tup:. You could even tie a nice brown scarf on it so you don't go into withdrawals;). I wear a lot of brown, and when I put on one of my great red bags, it just pops!
  6. OK now I am starting to seriously consider the chili leather carly for the list. Do you think it would be too much red in the large size?

  7. i agree beet is really nice
  8. I agree w/ Mokey!!!! I have the medium chocolate leather Carly and she is GORGEOUS!!!!! YUM YUM!!!!:tup:
  9. Hm....well, I have the Lg. Choc. Sig Carly and I LOVE it. It's very easy to take care of. I also have a khaki/black sig. carly in large. I love both......but here's the question --which do you already have more of, the siggie or the leather? Just go with what you will get more use out of and also the one that's a little different from what you already have. Or since your hubby wants you to give him a list, why don't you just do that and leave it up to him if you love all of them and can't decide. Then it will be a surprise too! Well, good luck! Let us know what you choose!!!
  10. Leather....it feels more heavenly...
  11. The Carly leather f eels so buttery...it's like touching velvet or something divine....
    That being said my next Carly will be black leather but that is because the only black bag I have is patent leather so I need something matte that will be better for other occasions.

    I find myself deeply attracted to the large chili Carly and I do not think it would be too much at all, given how much she slouches. With all your brown, she would be a good investment piece as even if you start buying more black, she will still look amazing.

    Keep in mind that I impulsively got a khaki/saddle sig large C without trying the leather, and I love her but I honestly wish I had gotten the leather one first...

    Now if they made all bronze leather!
  12. :nuts:Both!:yes::tup:
  13. Exactly!!! That makes thinks sooo much easier!!!
  14. i dont like the carly in the leather. i only like it in the signature canvas
  15. Oh, I like the BOTH answer too! LOL! I say put what you like on the list and let him choose what he wants to get you because it sounds like you like them all! No matter what he picks you'll love it so you can't go wrong! Maybe put your 2 favorite siggie Carlys and your 2 favorite leather Carlys on the list then you'll be surprised!