If you had to chose.....

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  1. I love these bags equally, but not too sure on which one would be more of a classic style. I was hoping you guys would give me your input...negative or positive.

    [​IMG] in black though or [​IMG] they're just about the same price. I have a few MJacobs, but not in this style...always wanted one in this style.
  2. I like texture so I naturally lean towards the black quilted bag.
    I think both are pretty timeless, but the black is slightly more IMO.
  3. I like the black one the best. The other one is ok. I don't really like the shape or the straps on the side. Jmo. Good luck with your choice.
  4. I love both bags- seriously but there is just something about the quilted leather that I really love. The first one reminds me of a typical MJ bag (which is not a bad thing) while the quilted just stands out more and will always be a classic- never go out of style really. Either way, you can't go wrong. Let us know what you decide!
  5. I like the yellow (is that considered yellow?) one :biggrin: The black one is nice, but it's a little too shiny for me, almost patent leather-like.
  6. As far as being a more classic bag, I'd go with the black one.
  7. I like the black one better. I think it get more use. The first looks very seasonal imo.
  8. Thanks all for your input...I knew I could count you! They're actually the same bag, but in different textures...just couldn't decide if I should go with the quilted patent or the smooth leather and of course I'm sticking with black (not very daring, I'm afraid :worried: ).
  9. I like the second bag because it looks classier than the first bag. The first bag looks a bit boring to me.
  10. I like the quilted bag. Where do you live in Northern California? I live in San Jose.
  11. Definitely the second! Even better IRL!
  12. Quilted! It's not so plain, like the first one.
  13. quilted =)
  14. Black quilted!!!!!!
  15. i think the black one's prettyyy...:love: