If you had to chose *ONLY* one: whiskey or brun paddy?

  1. I need help ladies. I ordered the tobacco/brun paddy from the NAP sale, but I also ordered a whiskey from Nordies a couple months back. Haven't used it yet, so is definitely eligible for a return if needed.

    I was originally all set on the whiskey color because I want a color that is versatile with most wadrobe colors. It's a little bit orange-y for my taste, but I am still drawn to the color.

    But, the NAP paddy was such a wonderful deal and the color is gorgeous. This bag is slightly smaller and more boxier in shape than the whiskey.

    I really can't keep both, as I like variety too much and don't want two colors of the same purse, but I really am having trouble with my decision. :cursing:

    Need some objective thoughts to try to put me one way or the other. Thanks!
  2. My vote would be brun.
  3. i like whiskey better! the brun shade isnt as nice as the choco IMO.
  4. Whiskey! Brun is bor-ing :P

    But, don't let the fact you got the Brun at a cheap price dictate your choice – you should keep the one you really love :tender:
  5. ^ Exactly, keep the one you truly love more..!!

    I can imagine brun would work better with my wardrobe too so I woud propably choose brun from these 2, even whisky is a classic gorgeous colour..!! :nuts: ...Which ever you choose you cant go wrong but sometimes it's wiser to go with bag that matches easier on everything :yes:
  6. can you post a piccie of them both together for us? help us to help you make the best decision ;)
  7. Here is a pic side by side:

  8. Whiskey
  9. ooooh yes, if you put them together, Whiskey for me is the clear winner :smile:
  10. Oh they're both pretty...!!! :love: It's no wonder you're having hard time there choosing:biggrin:
    Try to figure out which one would you rather carry today because I bet that's "the one" for you. I wish you could keep em both!
  11. i love the brun it will go with more clothes and it will disguise dirt marks if you have a clumsy moment!(i know what im like):roflmfao:
  12. Another vote for Whiskey! It's what I have and I LOVE it. :smile:
  13. I vote Whiskey. The color is so unique.
  14. i have whisky and choco and althought no one does brown better than chloe, the whisky is just too beautiful. I would go for the whisky
  15. Seeing them together just confirms my vote: whiskey! It is outstanding!