If you had to chose between two kellys, which one?>

  1. This is a follow up to me "must stay on budget, which items to take off the list" threads....If I had to chose one kelly bag, and the choices were - 28 retourne in togo or clemence, with palladium hardware, in either gold or black - which one and why?
  2. I'd choose gold because it's one of my favorite colors. I like browns/golds better than black. But it depends on what looks best with your coloring. :flowers: But you can't really go wrong with either!!
  3. for me, black kelly 28 is strictly sellier.....not that i dont like retourne, both my kelly 28 and 35 are retourne, just for a black kelly, it has to be sellier for me...
    and gold is such a lovely colour! it will go well with lots of colours
  4. Only one for my whole life?

    28cm Sellier Black Box Kelly with Gold.

    Of the choices you gave............

    28cm Retourne Togo with Palladium (a little more edgy)
  5. I go the gold and save the black for boxcalf.
  6. You can guess my answer--LOL--both!!! Seriously...I don't know if I could choose...I'd be at the boutique ALL day!
  7. Black first...
  8. I would choose gold. I usually have a really hard time matching black with brown (that's actually an understatement, I just can't do it) but gold, I think, looks awsome with both brown and black.
  9. Of these two bags, I'd go for the gold retournee in togo because I think it will look the best of the possible combinations. Clemence is slouchy and will make a 28cm retournee look even smaller. And in black a retournee clemence would look even smaller. Also, a retournee kelly is casual and in gold would be a great every day bag.
  10. For me, leather is paramount since both are great neutrals--I can't pick the color b/c I think it depends on which one you think you'll use more. I really prefer Togo for a Kelly to give it a little more structure than Clemence. I actually like both colors in Togo more as well.
  11. jedi - i think it really depends what's in your wardrobe. but then again, both colors are great with everything! what about your other bags, other than Hermes, do you have a bunch of blacks or do you have more browns? it really depends on what you have existing in your bags and wardobe and of course, which one did you feel you fell in love more instantly? HTH.
  12. I'd pick the gold in Togo. I think the gold/tan color coupled with palladium hardware and white stitching makes this bag a nice neutral and versatile combination. But if the leather was box, I definitely would pick noir no doubt.
  13. Black, in togo.
  14. Gotta love the Black in Togo...
  15. gold togo