If you had to choose ...


Chanel/Loub addict
Jul 21, 2008
If you had to choose a Maxi before the price increase, would you choose:

1) Dark Brown Lamb with Gold Hardware

2) Plum Patent with Silver Hardware

Note: this is the jumbo, but it's the only pic that has been on TPF so far for the plum color.

3) Gray Patent with Silver Hardware

Please note that my current collection is pretty basic- black and taupe. But, would purple be too crazy? Would I be able to carry it year round?

Much help is appreciated as I am trying to make a decision before the dreaded price increase in the uS :smile:
Mar 13, 2009
I loooove the grey patent. If you will actually be able to wear the purple (if it's not too "out there" for you) I would say go for that one as well. The grey is more understated than the plum but more exciting due to the patent. Either one would be a great choice!
Feb 21, 2006
The Gray Patent would be a fantastic addition...it's a wonderful shade of ethereal gray that makes me think of clouds. It'll give a nice edge to your outfits and silver hardware compliments it so beautifully. Whatever you choose, I'm sure will be fabulous!