If you had to choose..

  1. If you had to choose your color and style of your chloe handbags all over again would you do things different? If so, start with color then style, and why?
  2. I would soo do it the same! :yes:

    I adore my chocolate
    and totally LOVE my mousse paddies

    Wanting a blanc/craie/sable so bad I can taste it!! :angel:
  3. Is the mousse similar to the Jade that Saks has?
  4. I would do exact same thing! Chocolate came first and then Whiskey. Actually, the only thing I would do differently is maybe get ANOTHER bag in the color Craie. But now I am looking for a different brand to get my cream colored fix. Grenat is lovely but I think I might try to get that fix from Balenciaga.

    So answer your question --- no! I feel very lucky to have an 2005 chocolate and the smooshiest/pebbliest 2006 whiskey.
  5. I like them in the order I got them!!!
    1) cognac python silverado
    2) Tan paddy
    3) Black medium Betty
    4) Sable paddy
  6. I love them all (craie, taupe, tan), the only one I haven't much toted is my large tan one - but I think it's just the size as it's huge - but still I'm not regretting it as it's still lovely :angel: I believe I might carry it more on the winter time when wearing thick coats, lets see:yes:

    ......I have a feeling some lady here might want to see some more pictures of taupe paddington so I'm going a bit off topic (sorry!) :graucho:
    1 taupe 061.jpg taupe 010.jpg taupe 033.jpg Kärkkäinen 047.jpg
  7. That taupe looks marvelous!
  8. Thanks janice :P I think taupe colour looks best on direct sun light :heart:
  9. I would still get my chocolate but I would have gotten into chloe sooner and snagged a grenat, whiskey, and a variation of white. :love:
  10. I wish I had kept my very first Vanilla one when it came out, it was in the very first batch that was ever delivered. The leather was by far the nicest that I have seen, but I thought it was too pale, so sold it on, I really regret it now ofcourse :sad:

    I also had the saddlebag, now that was not a good decision, it swamped me and looked rediculous, hubby used to make cowboy noises every time I put it over my shoulder :biggrin:

    But, the great thing I have found about Chloe, is that it is never really a mistake, as long as you are not greedy about it, there is always somebody who would like to take the bag off of your hands :yes:

    The only other thing I wished I had done was got my taupe earlier, its such a beautiful colour, I absolutely adore it :love:
  11. Janicemph, I am not sure: I haven't seen the jade IRL yet. I suspect that my mousse is a bit more subdued though. Moss is really the perfect translation for my color.

    I'd love to check out the Jade though :yes:

    I should really get out more often :roflmfao:

  12. I love the whiskey color, but would stay away from paddies (if I were to do it all over again)... they're just too heavy for me -- but of course if that doesn't bother you I'd say whiskey! ;)
  13. Chloe-Babe, you had a VANILLA?? I though they were only an urban legend?!?!

    Do you have any archived pics???

  14. I would definitely do the same in choosing the paddy in Whiskey. It's something about the paddy in this color. I wouldn't mind having 2, one in whiskey and one in chocolate. I should have bought 2--that's what I would have done differently.