If you HAD to choose....


Which one would you sell?

  1. Soho Flap Hobo

  2. Smaller Legacy Shoulder Bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which one would you sell??

    IMG_0813.jpg OR IMG_0814.jpg
  2. That Legacy Shoulder Bag is just too pretty..
  3. I have both styles but I tend to favor my Legacy's more so.
  4. I love the Legacy!
  5. The Legacy is so cute!
  6. I vote to keep the Legacy :smile:
  7. I like them both.. I am a sucker for the soho flap though... but the other is probably easier to get in/out of. :okay:
  8. It's so tough!! They're both the same colour, roughly, and I figured that I should sell one of them. But I LOVE the soho! It was my first hands on purchase. I walked around the outlet with her debating and debating b/c I loved it so much but didn't want to spend so much. (I had just gotten into Coach at that time) The legacy has the pretty lining and the turnlock that I love too.. What to do oh what to do!!
  9. I could never get rid of the Legacy. It is so classy and beautiful!
  10. I'm a flapper girl :tup:
  11. I vote for getting rid of the Legacy. Then again, it seems I'm drawn to the Soho line in general and I really love the flap design, so I guess I'm biased. ;)
  12. Why... must... it... be... so... tough.....!!!!

    The poll is making me a little sad.. ha ha..
  13. I vote to keep the legacy!!!!!
  14. Yikes! I voted wrong! I accidentally voted for you to sell the Legacy Shoulder Zip, but I meant to vote the other way around. I have the Legacy Shoulder Zip in black leather and I absolutely LOVE it. It's by far my favorite bag ever! The size is perfect and the style is timeless and classic. :yes:
  15. What are you leaning towards? Have you had them both for a while, just bought them :shrugs: Does the flap bother you to get in/out of? Is one more comfortable than the other or a better size for you? I am a general sucker for the flap bags but you can probably get them easier than the legacy. They are both really pretty.