If you had to choose....

  1. Hi everyone! :smile:
    I'm relatively new to Dior and I've been eyeing off these 2 bags from the romantique line :drool:




    I like both bags but I was wondering whether both can hold a lot of things (keys, wallet, phone, sunnies + case, few odds and ends)? If I was going to get my hands on it, and I'm planning to use it as a day bag - can both be worn over the shoulder?

    I'm really torn between the 2 as I like both styles but can only afford 1 :p With the first bag, I like the pink flower and the beige trims, but not too sure whether it'd be too long. With the 2nd, I like the pink trim and heart detail but not so much the tan trims. But I like the overall shape :love:

    So if you had to choose, which one would you get and why? Or would you choose something else? :p

    Thanks for your help :heart:
  2. I like the second but Im biased because I have one that's similar to that (except mine has the suede (?) trimming and the heart key on the side) .

    The second one appears to be the same length as mine and can be carried over the shoulder.

    It is quite spacious and can hold my keys, a small wallet, sunnies, lipgloss, mobile phone. It can even hold a large pack of Kettle chips (hehe we put a pack in so we could sneak it into the movies once).

    The thing I like about this is that its easy to keep clean. You can just wipe it with a damp cloth. I'm not sure if that first one has that same finish..?
  3. I ordered the first one from Cabazon Outlet the other days hopefully it comes soon. Both of them are very nice and cute.

    I think the second one is newer (correct me if I'm wrong). The first one is a bit longer than second one but both can be used as day bag. Personally if you can afford the 2nd one, I think it is newer and equally cute.:tup: Depends on how you feel though.

    :smile: Just out of interest how much is the 2nd bag? I saw on dior uk for £575 is it right?
  4. Sasha77 - from what I remember, the RRP of the heart flap romantique is $1260 AUD which roughly equates to 570 pounds... I'd love to get my hands on both but I think that heart flap has sold out, well in Sydney at least :sad:

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get the first bag from the outlet? I've been searching some of the older threads and it looks like it went for $475USD on sale... does that sound about right?

    Dimple - thanks for your input :smile: I'm definitely taking the easiness of keeping the bag clean into consideration so the heart flap might be better in that regard ;)

    From what I remember re the first bag, which I think is called a bolster? (someone please correct me if I'm wrong ;) ), the ribbon, beige trims that loop thru the chain as well as the handle is made out of velvet? but the trims on the outside of the canvas is normal leather...

    awwww I want both!! :sos:
  5. The heart flap was in still available when I dropped by the Rocks store on Monday afternoon. The DJ store had no Romantiques in beige at all (that was today - 26/12).
  6. Yes that's right. It was $475 from Dior outlet.
  7. both cute! i like it both..
  8. gosh really?! do you remember how much it was reduced down to?
  9. I didnt check to see how much it was. That Romantique line (with the hearts) isnt on sale.

    However, the pink Romantique range is on sale at the moment. If you're interested in this line, you're better off heading to the Rocks store. DJs doesnt have any stock.
  10. I am going to have to vote for bag No 2.

    No 1 is gorgeous but you do have to be mindful of the flowers when carrying it because the bow sits right on the flower and bends it out of shape.
  11. I second number 2. I dont really like the flower that much either because I think u have to be extra careful when carrying it so as not to deform the flower.
  12. i'm voting for the second bag (the one with the heart locket). i'm not too keen about the organza flower (in pictures of the bags, the flower usually ends up looking wrecked/smooshed/dirty) and the straps are of a velvet material - so they darken and dirty real easily - i have one older version of the romantique with the velvet handles and trust me, i'm extra careful when i carry it because the velvet straps are just dirt-magnets!

    the second one with the flap does hold quite a fair bit though i think both bags look like they can hold a good amount.

    one bit of warning though, i know of two members - purlin77 & orangetree - who've had issues with the second bag, namely the trim edges peeling. though i'm not sure if that's a defect that'd occur in the entire line.
  13. lol when I was at Dior in Selfridges purchasing the brown rectangle zipper with flowers, the SA told me the flowers are designed to have the squashed and out of place look. she said it was typical John Galliano style!! :yes:
  14. absolutely the 2nd one
  15. LOL! I always thought it was because those bags weren't carefully stored in the backroom or the people at the outlets manhandled them - hence the condition of those flowers! :roflmfao: