If you had to choose ...

  1. [​IMG] I hope everyone is in good health and faith... Just wanted to ask... If you had to choose any other place in the world to live "YOUR WHOLE LIFE" where would it be? Where are you living now, which country? If you choose another country other than yours, Why?

    I'm from America, but living in United Arab Emirates, I lived in Germany for 5 yrs and many other places in the world. But, I have gotta tell yall, my heart is in the USA. There is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [​IMG]other place in this world like it.. [​IMG]

    I know alot of people who just pick up and move to other countries, they do fine there. I knew this couple who are Americans and they just LOVE GErmany... I guess it's how well you adapt to the country you're in? I liked Germany, but could never live my life there. Now, i just have to get used to UAE... I'm from TEXAS, and the weather is about the same. But, how do you get over culture shock?:wtf:


    I miss everything about the USA, honestly. I think yall get my point?? I swear! I would kiss the american soil, if I flew there today. Yall are lucky! and alot of times I think "US Americans" take it for granted, Living In America. [​IMG] Don't get me wrong, I really like UAE, but I guess it'll never be my America... Let me tell yall, they are getting there! right behind America... :heart:

    Soooo anyways, If you had to choose??? Where would it be? Why?
  2. "There's no place like HOME" - Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ:heart:
  3. I'm originally from Southern California, but I'm in college now in Worcester, Massachusetts. After college I plan on moving to Ireland, since it is MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well i live in England, and like you it is my country so i adore it. I love the way everyone has manners, i love our pubs and pretty much everything else except the weather. OMG i HATE the weather, its just depressing!!
    No sun, none at all!!

    But saying all that, i have travelled all over the world but the one place that really got my heart was New York, i just loved it. It was like the UK but better kwim, bigger and better in everyway, im sure though that its different living there.

    I am thinking buisness minded now though, I am going into my 2nd year of my Dentistry degree and there is just loads of opportunity in the States!
    I am planning to do my internship in LA, and if everything goes well i would love to move out there ~ weather, oh yes!!

    Lol, only thing that im slightly worried about is how mixed race familes are taken to over there? Like NY i saw/ felt no racsim but in Florida it was like a big shock, having never been to LA though I have no idea!

    Lol,, how much have I mumbled!
  5. I'd choose here: New Orleans, LA, USA. I moved away for three years and it's good to be home.
  6. I live in Canada, but if I had to choose, I'd choose to live in London, it looks so pretty there and I think I would have a lot of fun.
  7. I live in the Netherlands, and I kinda like it! I haven't been in a lot of other countries, but I think I'd love to live in England or France.
    Or America of course! Preferably the OC ;)
  8. I love, love, love Los Angeles (Santa Monica area), but if I could, I would live in Costa Rica for the rest of my life. So pretty.:girlsigh: I wonder if BalNY would ship there :rolleyes:.
  9. I live in San Francisco and I want to spend my whole life here. I've traveled to many cities but there's no place like home. I would maybe consider living in England for a year or so but I would come back. I'm so proud to be from San Francisco.
  10. I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. I hate it! Traffic is terrible, there's always construction, tolls are high, and winters are brutal!

    My husband and I are thinking of moving to Atlanta, GA in 5 years - his company has an office there and the winters are much better there! I'm a baby about cold weather...
  11. I live in Texas...lived here all my life...actually kinda tired of living here...the weather is miserable in the summer...and as a matter of fact it's still pretty hot and humid and we're almost in October! My SO and I fell in love with Colorado when we visited recently. I'd like to live in Denver...
  12. I live in the States, Maine to be exact, and I love it. But having traveled all over Europe, I would love to live over there, probably in Italy....either somewhere along the Amalfi Coast or in Venice.
  13. I live in the US, but I would prefer to be going around the world.

    It was a sad day when I counted up all the countries and realized that my ideal of spending a year in each one was not likely, barring some really dramatic technological advances in the area of life expectancy.

    I think I was about 8!
  14. Awwwww Mishka,
    I'm sorry you are there....
    come home, you belong HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I was born in England, got dragged to Australia but I would move to Canada in a heartbeat.