If you had to choose

  1. Out of these two bags which would you prefer diorissimo or dior lovely:

    dior diorissimo.jpg

    dior lovely.jpg
  2. I'd rather adopt the first. I'm not mad about charms.
  3. I love charms so I would choose the diorissimo.

    Actually I love them both and would get both of 'em!
  4. i :heart::heart::heart: the second one much more ! :drool:
  5. I must admit I am leaning towards the 2nd, just waiting for my SA to email the prices through.
  6. not pushing you or anything... but get the second one ! :noggin: :roflmfao:
  7. i love the 2nd bag .. its so pinkie ... but .. im losing my faith in dior bag .. sigh ... :sad: ... my bag look so pitiful ..
  8. the great enabler push, noooo never ;)
  9. lol i just re read what i put

    "I love charms so i would get the diorissimo." lol

    To clarify I would get the lovley bag with the charms.

    I want the lovely mini boston in black... still deciding weather to get it or not!
  10. I had been waiting and waiting for one to come up on eBay - probably get it half the price there :graucho: but I rarely see the dior lovely :sad:
  11. another vote for the 2nd one =D it looks so pretty!
  12. I reckon the second one it is :yes:, I think it will be around $600 AUD maybe just over.
  13. yeah £245 here in UK

    BTW chic did you get the ethinc in the end?
  14. Sure did, it's nice :heart:

    By the way I blame you for starting this one with your diorissimo in the authenticate thread :graucho:
  15. I like the first one better - post prices when your SA emails you them?