If you had to choose ONE.

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  1. Just curious.. for those multi-chanel owners (or not..). If you were told to only have ONE and have to give up the rest (HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING!). Which would you choose? And for those with not so many chanels.. Which ONE would you get... Knowing, you could only have ONE?

    Just food for thought... I don't know if this thread has been started.

    It's 4:40 am and I'm at work trying to keep my mind busy to stay awake.:hysteric: :tispy: :popcorn:
  2. For me it would be my black caviar medallion tote. I think it's the perfect size, shape and look.
  3. oh such a difficult question.... to be honest burst into tears!!!
  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If it were for everyday I would pick a tote.

    If it were for evening or special occasions I would pick a flap. I know a lot of people love the classic flap hand bags but those just don't work for me for everyday use.
  6. Hmm...this is a hard question. For me, I guess I'd pick a Grand Shopping Tote or a Jumbo Flap.
  7. I would choose black classic caviar flap. I'm hoping it'll be my next bag!
  8. I would have to choose my black caviar GST- I love that bag!
  9. Without question I would keep my lambskin black classic flap.
  10. Oh what a dreadful thought! I only have 2 bags - the Vintage Tote and Luxe flap. . . I guess I'd pick my Luxe? :sad:
  11. Grande shopping Tote in Black with gold hardware!
  12. my coco cabas :shame:
  13. eeek the horror! only one? Black caviar jumbo flap w/silver hardware. Only because I can see myself using that bag for many many years to come.
  14. I'll choose my light grey lambskin classic flap.
  15. hmmm, my grey reissue as it will be a collector's piece.