If you had to choose one, which Bayswater would you go for?

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  1. Help!!! I have had my eyes on the Baywater for awhile... but I just can't make my mind on the color. Every picture I see on this forum makes me change my mind like 100 times a day, and it's driving me nuts!!!

    So I'm turning to the experts..

    I am trying to choose from the three classic colors - oak, chocolate, and black.

    If you HAD to choose one which one would you pick????

    Thanks! I promise to post pictures when I get my baby. :biggrin:
  2. Welcome! I just bought an oak one this weekend,but now I want a chocolate one too....it depends if you're the kind of lady to co-ordinate clothes/shoes with bags or you're more of an "anything" goes kind of person. Black is a safe bet and will go with any colour, but I think black is a bit boring personally - the oak & chocolate are much nicer, in my opinion :biggrin:

    If you're really stuck, how about all three?! :nuts:
  3. Welcome to the forum. I would go for oak first. I have an oak and a choc and I find the oak very versatile. It goes with everything IMO. The only down side to oak is, you have to look after it a bit more as rain can cause staining. This does not worry me too much as if I like a bag I will take the time to look after it. I also think the oak is a classic.

    Don't worry if you stay on the forum for long you will end up with all three very quickly!!!!Very few of us have stopped at one bag.
  4. Hi, I've got an oak and a choc Bays - and if I had to choose between them, I would go for the choc one....

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  5. ^^ oh no, the oak one is lovely too! Get them both!
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    If I were to pick one, I'd go for choc I think. Easier to look after than the oak but richer and warmer than the black. Most of my bags are black or choc, I'm a little scared of oak tbh - knowing me I'd have it stained and marked to death within days! But it's a gorgeous colour for those not as cack-handed as me! :biggrin:
  7. I think they are all lovely but if I could only choose one it would have to be chocolate. That's because it would go brilliantly with my wardrobe, the colour is low-maintenance and it develops a gorgeous patina over time. Oak is lovely too, but needs more care. I'm not a fan of the black Bays, don't know why, maybe it just looks a bit too plain.
  8. ^^ Agree!
  9. Thanks ladies, for the warm welcome.

    I have been reading the forum religously for the past several months, but was too shy to post anything.

    Based on your inputs, I have ruled out black, and now I'm down to oak vs. chocolate.

    I'm leaning towards chocolate, since it rains alot (and unexpectedly) where I live.
    But then again, I do remember reading about that waterproofing spray and how effective it is.

    What a dilemma. No wonder you have them in different colors!
  10. Easy, I'd go for black all the way! Best all round colour (for me, that is) and I wear a lot of black clothes, so I find chocolate a difficult colour to match. But if you don't wear black a lot, chocolate might be your best colour - look in your warderobe, and think about what colours you like! Oak would be a good alternative, it ages beautifully and looks great with both black and brown.
  11. I would also go for black! I use my Bays as a smart bag, so IMO black suits that purpose the best :smile:.
  12. i'd go for the lovely rouge noir bays tiree just bought! its stunning!
  13. I'd say Oak would be more versatile as it goes with black/brown/white/navy etc (every colour really) without looking too heavy.
  14. Welcome :welcome:!! I would say Choc, being in between Oak & Black.

    But whatever you choose I think you will be wanting another one soon - why do you want classic? Just because this is your first?? No other colour attract you at all? Listen to you heart! Good luck :flowers:
  15. Hmmm that's a hard one actually. I only have 1 Bays and its Oak but for practicality, maybe its better to get a darker colour like Black.

    Oak is THE classic Bays to me but I suppose its depends on whether you like it to change colour as it ages or not.

    So - I guess for me - I'd have to say Oak because its the Classic.