If you had to choose ONE Coach...

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  1. Which Coach would it be? I have a few that I love a wristlet, mini skinny, small hobo, small hamptons and a pouch, but I'm looking for that be-all, end-all of Coach's. There are so many designs and styles that I like, that I thought I'd reach out and ask you all; which purse is a "must have"? Which purse do you own that you find the most useful and you love more and more everyday? Please help me out!!!
  2. definitely a legacy leather shoulder bag. i have dreams about that bag in white :drool:
  3. Definitely the Legacy Shoulder Bags (The leather and lining is TDF), Gallery Totes and regular totes.
  4. Hmmmm.....I think I would choose......aww forget it. I cant choose!
  5. C-A-R-L-Y...:heart: :girlsigh: :cutesy: :tender:
  6. I would go with my small hobos. I have them in almost everycolor, I just love that style.
  7. Ooh I hadn't thought about the Legacy bags! Thanks for the ideas! Keep them coming!! :yes:
  8. This thread popped up a while ago and I thought I could never choose but now I know: my brown Ali - perfect with everything.
  9. Hmm I'd go with either a Carly or a tote. I would love to have the gigantic signature stripe tote (in vermilion please!) to use as an overnight bag. Of all the other bags I have liked, my fondness has disappeared. I used to long for a Legacy shoulder bag, but once I saw it in person, ideally I wish it were a smidge bigger with a longer strap.
  10. Definitely my Legacy Satchel. While I love all the others, the Satchel is my true love :heart:
  11. I agree. I'm about a month and a half into my Coach obsession, and my small khaki/mahogany small signature hobo is my fave. It holds much more that you'd think.

    I foresee some more small hobos in various colors in my future.
  12. I would go for a Carly :heart:
  13. Can I choose two? :P

    Have to agree, I really love the versitility of my small hobo.

    I also love my sig. satchel! She's still brand new from DH for my b-day!!

    I'm a simple gal...no need for anything too fancy.

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  14. Of the ones I actually own, my fave is my ergo hobo...
  15. Hobo's seem to be a favorite, I might have to go check those out! It's such a hard decision!!