if you had to choose...damier alma or bagtinolles horizontal?

i am torn. i am going to buy myself a birthday present. the problem is i equally love the damier alma and the bh. i keep doing pros and cons in my head but can't seem to determine which has more pros going for it (they're right about equal). so now i turn to you, my fellow lv-loving sisters/brothers. what do you think i should get? if i get either one, i'm pretty sure i'll get the other one soon after (haha). so i just need your help to figure out which one to buy first.:confused1: i know, you're thinking- big problem! but it actually is. a good problem to have but a problem nonetheless. any thoughts? :smile:


May 24, 2006
vancouver, bc
personally i think the damier alma is gorgeous but if you are looking for a bag that can be worn on the shoulder the bh is a great one too. what a hard decision to make! if you are going to get them both anyways, i'd get the one that is more expensive now before the price increase in feb. good luck with your decision!


life is great
Nov 11, 2006
Beautiful British Columbia
i would think bh, jsut cuz you can put it on your shoulder and have your hands free. its a lil more convinient when you're going shopping and doing ur errands. to me, alma is classic and its something to bring to the office, its a little more mature looking. although, i do want both too hehehe gluck!


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Sep 21, 2006
You didn't specify if you needed a shoulder or a hand bag more.

I love the Alma, but thats MO. If you need hands free and a bit more more, the bagtinolles would be better.
forgot to add - the bigger the bag, the bigger the weight. so even tho you have a big bag, u might stuff it with things and it'll be heavier to carry as a handheld... hehe
thanks for your thoughts, meeks. as a rule, i never overload my expensive bags. too scared that they might fall apart. and hand held bags get very tiring to carry when they're full of stuff. but the alma is soooo pretty...then again so is the bh:sad: arrgh! can't make up my mind.