If you had to choose....Camera in Matte Grey or Metallic DS??? Pls help!

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  1. If you had to choose between the camera bag in the matte grey or the metallic dark silver, which would you chose? Also, do you prefer the camera style or the 2.55 flap style. Thanks Chanel experts!!!!
  2. I choose the the matte grey. I like both camera and flap. Each one has a different look.
  3. matte grey
  4. Matte grey 2.55 flap style
  5. SInce is is a more casual structured bag I would go for the Matte Grey.
  6. Matte Grey flap for me! ;)
  7. dark silver in flap... I have one in 226 and the color is very interesting... under a certain light its even blue.
  8. I love both the 2.55 reissue flaps and camera bags! They are among my favorite Chanel styles! I chose the matte grey camera bag in the large size. The leather is perfectly distressed and squishable. LOL.
  9. Matte Grey
  10. Ds.
  11. Matte grey for sure
  12. Matte grey gets my vote too!
  13. oo!! def the matte grey in the 2.55 flap! u cnt go wrg with this as its so timeless!the camera bag is great too but its not as timeless as the flap and im sure u'll get more "wows" with the 2.55 flap. grey is a lovely colourr!
  14. matte grey.
  15. i had this same dilemma with my reissue flap!

    i found the grey to be darker irl ~ tho still gorgeous, but the DS just blew me away! :faint: