If you had to choose between the Chocolate and Whiskey Paddy which would it be?


Which Color Paddington to Keep?

  1. 2005 Vintag-ey Chocolate Paddington

  2. 2006 Smooshy Whiskey Paddington

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  1. I'm thinking of parting with one of them....if you had both which one would you keep?
  2. Personally I would keep the whiskey because it would go with more of my casual, blue-jeans wardrobe but that's just me. Peggy
  3. I love the whiskey but your chocolate paddy is the best I have ever seen! (with it's amazing 2005 leather!) So If It was mine, I would never part with it! But why do you want to sell one?? :sad:
  4. I love the whiskey but lOVE the choco even more! I had both at one point but let the whiskey go. I never regretted keeping my choco baby:love:
  5. I would keep the choco, I have seen a few too many whiskey IRL...but never a choco!
  6. I thought I would never love any color as much as my choco paddy, but then I got my whiskey!! I love them both, but if I was forced to give one up ..... it would probably be the chocolate. The whiskey has so much pop and I haven't found anything that it won't go with. Tough decision - good luck !!!
  7. I think we are all wondering why?? You are the go to paddington person. If one had to go, I would say whiskey but this is a tough choice.
    I love both of your bags and they are on my "most wanted" list.
  8. I'd keep the chocolate.
  9. If I were you I would keep the whiskey.

    I have a choco and am toying with trading it already. It just blends
    too much, if that makes any insane sense :upsidedown:
  10. I never cared for the Whiskey, love the Chocolate though!
  11. i have both but if i had to part with one it would be the choco only because there are so many great choco bags out there ( i have 5 awesome choco bags) but only one great whisky color. i keep running into choco bags i want to buy but i realize i have too many in that color. keep the whisky!
  12. I have to say the truth... I am completely flabbergasted. I consider you to be THE Chloe Paddy guru! BOTH your chocolate and your whiskey are AMAZING!!! I think we are all perplexed and curious... but I'm sure you have your reasoning and if you haven't shared it so far, then perhaps you would rather not say? In any case, whatever the reason... you have SUCH a difficult choice ahead of you... harder than picking a colour to buy b/c in this case you already HAVE these two amazing colours and your previous posts on these beauties already shows that each has their unique qualities that make them both desirable and I can only imagine how hard it is for you to let them go....

    I'm no help to you tho unfortunately... I love both of them. I guess I return to something you've said before.. and if I HAD to let one of them go.. I'd let go of the one that would least "detract" from your current ensemble of bags. Which.. the chocolate or the whiskey has more unique qualities that the other bags in your current collection do not have?

    Best of Luck with your decision!
  13. I'd keep the chocolate... but both are GORGEOUS!!!
  14. Hi lordguinny,

    It must be pretty traumatic...deciding which of your "babies" should go & which deserves to stay. I'm voting for you to keep the Chocolate, but whatever your decision may be, both your Paddys are gorgeous...either way, you can't really go wrong. Good luck!
  15. LG, as everyone has stated, both of your bags are gorgeous! But I would keep the Chocolate. For me, Chocolate would be the one I would get the most mileage from. Heaven forbid if Paddingtons were to ever go out of style, I think the chocolate paddy would still be a fabulous bag and go with everything. The Whiskey, although beautiful with Chloe, may be a color that comes and goes imho. Plus you already have Whiskey in Edith. :balloon: