If you had to choose between the brown/pink, pink/pink and red/creme Cherry Blossom +

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  1. Papillon, which would you choose? Is one more rare that the others? I am having a hard time deciding, and I thought I would ask opinions while I am waiting for some authentications to be done.
  2. Personally, I'm not a fan of the red and creme. The other two I like equally.
  3. I vote brown/pink :biggrin:
  4. I like the brown/pink best, too.
  5. I too vote for brown/pink. Very chic & will go with a lot of outfits. The pink on pink is a little too light for my liking.

    One of my dream bags.... very jealous!! :greengrin:
  6. I would vote brown/pink or pink/pink however think the latter one is less versatile as it is very light. Anyway you can't go wrong, good luck deciding!
  7. Brown + Pink !!!!
  8. Thanks everyone! I think brown/pink it is!
  9. red/creame for sure! I had the pouchette but I never used it (WAY too small fpr me) and decided to sell it....the colors are so beautiful!!!
  10. Red/creme then pink/pink. Brown/pink is a bit too dull in my opinion (considering it's supposed to be a fun, light-hearted bag).
  11. Thanks everyone! I ended up purchasing a brown/pink, but I still want the red/creme one. I hope I made the right decision!
  12. I HAD to come back and tell you this story.

    I had a red/creme papillon YEARS ago. I loved it. I couldn't find it one day.... I was going crazy looking for it when my mother goes, "Oh, that one with the smiling flowers all over it? I gave that to your sister in law." Great, thanks mom. When I asked my SIL for it back, she said it was.... wait for it.... in a garbage bag in her garage somewhere :wtf:

  13. :nuts::nuts::nuts: Im glad she didnt trash it or give it away tho! Did you get it bck in okay shape lol??? Thats so funny but I would have freaked out:P
  14. Im sure its going to be great..show us pictures when you get it!! :smile:
  15. I like brown and pink together.