If you had to choose between a bocce and a canguro, which one would you choose?

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  1. I am having hard times of picking which to get. The adios bocce or the transporto canguro? Which one would you pick if you had to choose between those two? What about choosing between an tranporto bambinone and the adios bocce, which one?

    THanks! I am desperate, don't know which one to pick!! The adios bocce, transporto canguro, transporto bambinone!
  2. I would go with the trasporto in the bambinone if you really want a purse. If not get the canguro.

    I think a bocce in an adios star is a waste because you will be lucky if you get at least one character on it.
  3. ^Also if you don't have many bags, the bocce is tiny and won't fit much... so it's a waste in that way too.

    I'd say the bambinone is most useful as a purse.

  4. True say! My BV Adios star had the milk guy... but then that was the only thing i got.... I still bought it though because it was just such a bargain LOL

    but the transporto is good for the the tiny bags because it has so much going on - so you can get something cute even if your bag is small (and would still have stuff to look at...)
  5. Trasporto bambinone...since it's a bag. A bocce looks really small. More like a fashion bag than functional bag from what it looks like. The canguro is neat but i jsut never got into the whole waist pack thing.
  6. A bambione would be great because its such a good size, and I love the long strap (I almost bought one in L'Amore), but I also like canguros. I have one in Spiagga, and its great for going to concerts and for going to places like 6 Flags where you don't want to have to worry about dragging around a bag. And canguros hold waaaay more than they look like they can, they're so rad!
  7. Definitely the bambinone. I know a lot of people like them but I can't get over the fanny pack issue with the canguro.
  8. It's nice to be able to go hands-free with a bag, and two of the styles you mentioned allow that freedom: canguro and bambinone.

    I vote for the bambinone -- holds a ton, a lot more than it looks for being on the small size! I love my Inferno Bambinone!

    ...and I second all that the previous posters have mentioned about Trasporto print being the best option because you can usually get cute characters visible somewhere since it's a smaller print.
  9. i really like the canguro. it is really cute and the bocce seems a tad bit small.
  10. If you want something more practical, definitely get the bambinone or the canguro. IMO, the bocce is sooooo cute, but not very practical (especially as an everyday bag).
  11. Uh-oh, I dunno why I went to go look up past threads on Bocce...because now I want one because they're so cute & tiny even though it's soooo not practical for me! Hmm, maybe I could justify it as a satellite bag inside one of my bigger bags like Scuola or something.



  12. The bocce's are cute! But I just can't justify getting one. I would probably use it as a coin purse. Lol!
  13. I say trasporto bambinone just cuz you can stuff a bambinone awesomely! canguros are nice but u can't put much in them IMHO but if you're not really looking for a bag then that'd be a nice choice since it's very low maintenance... bocces are cute but I'd honestly just get one if it was a really good deal :P