If You Had To Choose A Baggy PM - Fuschia or Lichen - Which Would You Choose?


is really in love...
Oct 4, 2006
I just received my sweet Denim Baggy PM yesterday. I love her so. It's surprisingly feminine - and thought that at first she would have been a little small. I did try her on with my things in her, and she was just perfect. I think that on me the GM would have been too tall for me.....but I'm not sure. I'm just wondering since I love the denim line SO much, what my next purchase would be? I was thinking PM in Fuschia or Lichen - and I'd have to do a 'hunt' but is there a color that stands out more from the crowd?

Maybe I should get the Lichen GM and the Fuschia Speedy? I really prefer a shoulder bag since I already have several Speedys and I figure if I already have those, I don't need a denim Speedy.....it's really the third on my list really.....maybe a Neo Cabby? Ohhh........

I think they're all so lovely......eventually maybe I'd have all of them since I'm so famous for redundancy in whatever I do.....

TIA! :heart:


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