If you HAD to carry 1 bag, what would it be?

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  1. Many people switch bags based on their outfit. Others have a few staples. Others still only carry 1.

    If you had to carry 1 bag for day and evening (formal events excluded) what would it be?
  2. my mono speedy 25. It's the best bag for day and night...not too big, yet fits a ton. Goes with everything too.
  3. It would have to be something expensive, classic, and timeless. Probably a black Chanel bag large enough to carry my everyday things. I could never afford that right now, but if I was to only buy one bag and then not buy any others for years upon years, it would be something elegant like that.
  4. I have found that my LV Sonatine has done a great job transitioning me from day to night.
  5. louis vuitton Rosewood avenue in Amarante. often i take it to work and then use it as an evening bag
  6. jumbo chanel
  7. Black Jumbo Chanel Flap
  8. My gold leather Foley + Corinna city tote. It's the most versatile bag I've ever owned, and convertible into a messenger because of the strap/fold-over design. Even though it's ginormous, I've literally worn it to the club, through the snow, with coats as well as summer dresses, and even traveled with it. I eventually had to diversify, but the city tote made me a one-bag-woman for 3 seasons. :love:
  9. LV Damier speedy 25 (or 30 - but maybe too big).
  10. YSL Downtown
  11. Louis Vuitton mono speedy 30
  12. an LV speedy
  13. I simply couldn't restrict myself to just ONE bag!!!!! Sorrryyyyyy....
  14. black Chanel jumbo flap
  15. Will probably be my Bottega Veneta's Roma :heart:.

    The size is perfect be it when I just have a couple of items, or when I need to stuff papers, books and shawl. Be it when I am dressed up for lunch or running off to the supermart in a polo-shirt and skorts. Some pics attached.

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