If you had only $500 to spend...

  1. which timeless, classic, yet oh so fabulous bag would you buy? I'm trying to budget with the shopping lately...trying is the key word :shame:
  2. This Gucci bag is $595 which is a little over your budget but I think it's a fabulous choice. It also comes in black.
  3. Hmm, none of the bags I can think of in that price range right now are what I'd call "timeless classics", but Coach has some nice simple options. Think "simple", not a lot of logo's detailing, or funky shapes. A plain leather bucket hobo is always a stylish option. What about an LV pouchette accessoires? Or this Damier? http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10398710&SectionID=6000

    Or this one? http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10295279&SectionID=6000
  4. I would look at some prada!
  5. Paul Smith $429 on sale eluxury - I like :worried: (not a classic but I love it)
  6. i think something from lv. the damier papillon probably, i wear it all the time and love it! it goes with anything.
  7. Ditto :nuts: I can't say enough how much I love mine!
  8. I would get a LV mono piece. Maybe a speedy 25, it doesn't get much more timeless and classic than a speedy. I know it's $565 but I have never been very good with budgets.
  9. leather mulberry bag
  10. I agree, a Speedy!
  11. Definitely something mono LV. I think all the speedys are over the $500, but something along those lines. Although the damier is nice, too...:yes:
  12. For $398 each, I think either of these Coach bags would be excellent. I really LOVE the pleated hobo as a classic bag that you could wear forever. The style of the satchel is fabulous, but I would prefer it in a more neutral color and leather over fabric.
    Coach Hobo.jpg Coach Satchel.jpg
  13. I think I would go with this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. It's $428.00. I'm split between the blue and the white.

    Logo Leather Faridah Bag
  14. I agree with the Gucci and LV recommendations.

    I can't imagine most of the other currently "in" bags/designers being around as long as these already have been.