If you had only $300- $500 for a new purse, what would you get?

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  1. My Toscanella tote - it's not such a big bag, but the leather is soo gorgeous, and it's quite roomy. It has two side pockets as well as a key ring.
  2. Not on my wishlist, but the closest would be an Alexander McQueen De Manta in solid black (not the one with the skulls).
  3. I also like Coach leather bags.

    The Leather Brookes are really nice. Mia Maggies are also really nice.
  4. I wish I knew how to download. My suggestion is go to the Nordstrom website. I just got their catalog and they are showing bags in that exact price range that are :drool:worthy! I have my eye on a couple. My suggestion is, after you see a bag, try to check it out IRL. Have fun shopping!
  5. Here are a couple of questions for you that make it easier for people to give you answers.

    What's your favorite style bag? Colors & materials?

    Would you consider a used bag from ebay or bonanzle?

    Can you get to a good mall or outlet?

    IMHO I would advise you to go the nearest good mall and look at touch everything you can. Then I'd check out online sale sites like overstock, smart bargains, bluefly, gilt, ideeli etc and the outlets. For the best deals ebay and bonanzle but don't forget to authenticate if you have questions

    brands I like in and around this range - Hayden Harnett (buy on ebay / bonanzle - their cs is slow and weird), Olivia Harris, Lockheart (their retail is usually 500-700ish but you can find sales)

    good luck

  6. No doubt. I was doing some major lusting reading it last night!
  7. Probably a bag from Longchamp