If you had only $300- $500 for a new purse, what would you get?

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  1. If you had a limit of $300- $500 for a new purse, what would you get? Pics are great if you've got any.

    I haven't been shopping in a long while, and think it's time I treated myself to a new purse. Since I haven't been out in a bit, I'm not sure what's out there right now. I've looked at the websites of some of my favorite brands, but don't want to miss any others I may have overlooked.
  2. i would get something Marc Jacobs off of eBay/Bonanzle for less, or i would get MbMJ. haha :P
  3. Right now I am loving my new Rebecca Minkoff MAM that is in my Avatar pic. I grabbed that on sale at Endless. Linea Pella and Michael Kors always seem to grab my attention as well.
  4. ^Michael Kors has some great things also
  5. OP - what is your overall style and purpose for the bag? What kind of shape etc? That will help us narrow down your search since there are so many bags out there. So far all the previous suggestions are great ideas.
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    I tend to like black with gold hardware. I'm not into colorful bags, just something that goes with typical daywear clothing. I like funky little details though, but nothing too over the top. Something that makes it special. And not too small or too large. I also tend to prefer slouchy styles or satchels. Nothing extremely structured.

    For example, some bags I've seen that I really like include: Michael Kors- Uptown Astor, Calista; Rebecca Minkoff- Nikki, Morning After.
  7. I'd look at Linea Pelle bags lpcollection.com

    Smooshy yummy leather and slouchy...
  8. I think an RM Nikki or MAM are good choices for the $$.
    Nikki if your more of a hobo/shoulder bag girl and MAM if your more of a satchel girl(although sometimes you can find a MAM that has a strap too)~:yes::flowers:
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  10. I just bought a juicy couture daydreamer, for $150 on sale.
    normally they are $198.
    i don't normally like the juicy bags, but this one is really cute, and casual. more subdued than a lot of their other bags.
  11. I would get a Michael Kors....he is my latest obsession!!!!!
  12. Coach Maggie Madison
  13. A MBMJ , I have two and I love them. The leather is buttery smooth & slouchy.
  14. For the money, Coach is great. I think their leather bags are the nicest (vs. their fabric/mono bags.)

    Also, Isbella Fiore and Hobo International are two of my favorite brands in the price range you indicated. Leather Fiore bags are just beautifully made - classy hardware and great leather. Hobo INternational bags are very thoughtfully designed - lots of internal pockets.