If You Had One Wish What Would It Be?

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  1. I would ask for 3 more wishes:idea:
  2. Lottery win!
  3. Of course for my little boy's health and happiness
  4. LOL well, more wishes for sure, and of course money, but perhaps to save all the poor animals that suffer because of evil ignorant people with no hearts. Or just tons of money to build sanctuaries for them.
  5. Happiness!
  6. don't we wish for money or more wishes just to make us happy. If you wish for happiness then you have it all.
  7. My wish would be for my mommy to be always be healthy, she used to have cancer, and for me to find true love.
  8. That no one will ever go hungry again.
  9. Health is the only wish I have
  10. I wish for a very quiet hurricane season for 2006.
  11. To be happy. I've been fighting depression since I was 15 (I'm nearly 22), and to be honest, thats all I want. Just to be happy.
  12. I can understand that depression is such a nasty sneaky illness. Always when you think you're done with it, it bites you in the back:sad2:
    I just love your signature!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. World Health and Peace on Earth.
  14. Same here. Money is great, but mine and my family's health is more important.
  15. Thanks! I've got a really dry/sarcastic sense of humour, so it fits me perfectly.