If you had endless cash, which piece. . .

  1. would you buy?

    There's a couple I would buy.

    I'd like a nice piece of carry-on luggage, P*NY has a beautiful one, I think I posted it in my thread about more F/W pics and maybe the F/W python tote for around $13k.
  2. I know I'm only supposed to buy a piece...but if I had endless cash... I would buy a Chanel store and put it in my house. Then I would let all my PF friends shop there at a 50 percent discount. :lol:
  3. ^lol!

    now come up with ONE, indulge me!!!
  4. Oh yes, PNY luggage would be on the top of the list. But if it doesn't have to be Chanel then it would be a red crocodile Birkin.
  5. Ok, ok, I'll indulge you. I guess I would want that white luggage I saw a little while ago. Of course it will get dirty, but who cares? I've got endless money.
  6. Black Quilted bag anyone, luggage of course, clutch bag, and about 3 classic bags in off white,dk.brown, and red.
  7. If I had to pick from existing bags, I'd go for the python bag with the tassel from F/W06, and the matching shoes. But since we're in fantasy world of endless cash, I'd like to get something custom made so I'd have a one-of-a-kind Chanel piece that belongs only to me.
  8. Not sure - but i'd walk into chanel every couple of days and walk out with a new bag each time!!
  9. My SA has this on hold for me. . . he ordered some colors from other places that they weren't originally getting. . .
    I want one SOOOO bad!:crybaby:
  10. I would get the Croc beige clutch!! It is sooo beautiful.I love the purfume bottle closure:yahoo::heart::yes::tender:
  11. I'm not so into exotic skins. I have a pretty modest request, just the grand shopping tote in black or apricot!
  12. EVERYTHING MY EYES SEE! (well i want that now, but the difference will be i have endless amounts of cash!)
  13. ^^I'm not usually either. . . if I hadn't tried the bag on at the Trunk Show I'd never covet it. . .
    I just usually don't care for exotics. but this bag is really fab!:yes:
  14. ooohhhhhhh swanky are you going to excite us and buy a totally fab bag for us to drooooool over... again :P i love your metallic black flap! you have the best style.
  15. LOL! I am probably buying a new one tomorrow, but am hoping to keep it under $2k!:yes:

    Thank you!