if you had a thousand to blow

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  1. what would you get?
    at first i was so excited to get another neverfull because i love those bags and already have the neverfull MM in DE so i was gonna get the mono.
    but now i find myself addicted to slg and i dont know if i should take that money and get 2 or 3 SLGs or 1 purse.

    i already have a cosmetic bag in mono but i want the black mc one.
    i am also interested in the black mc key pouch and black mc agenda lol. i just think the mc line is beautiful and i already have the sarah in black mc.

    so if you had $1000 to blow, what would you get?
  2. I would get a epi piment color zippy wallet.
  3. Right now it's a toss up between a rivington pm or a speedy b de 30. The rivington's great for work, but the speedy b could also be good for all the traveling I do.

    Good grief, I sound so horribly responsible.

    I will admit that my wild side (such as it is) agrees with you on the black mc.
  4. Hmmm....fun post. I think I would get an Azur Neverfull MM. I want an Azur shoulder bag and though I'm not CRAZY about any of them, the Neverfull MM is my favorite. I have a Neverfull in DE and love it!
  5. I will spend it on speedy 25 azur & a mono cles/coin pouch! c",)
  6. i was thinking of getting a speedy b too. they are so beautiful.
    but i already have 2 speedy bags and cannot justify a speedy b.
    but they are soooooo nice lol.
  7. thanx, its my first thread:smile:
    i have an azur speedy and i dont carry it much because im afraid to mess up the color with transfer.:sad:
  8. I would get SLG's. That's what I'm hoping to get next. I, too, have a Sarah wallet. But now I want a cles, card holder, and cosmetic case. Oh, and a pochette. Bag wise I want a tote (not NF though) SLG's are so fun! I love everyone's pics inside of their bags when they're full of LV SLG's... So fun!
  9. I would spend that $1000 on some pretty SLGs as you mentioned. Things you can use daily. I don't find the NF to be anything special.
  10. Id get some SLGs :smile: i want a Pochette in DE an Pomme Cles. But also want a EVA :cloud9: :smile: i say if u think u have enough bAgs get some SLGs or you can Save alil more an get a bigger purches ;)
  11. :biggrin:i agree they are so fun.
    you named some amazing SLGs.
  12. For me personally I would get the Neverfull.
  13. +1 or a pair of shoes!!
  14. oh wow i never even thought of shoes.
    i saw a cute pair of ballerina flats but i dont know what they are called. so pretty. they had a cute de bow at the toe:P dreamy.
  15. The Minnie Mouse looking flat? If so, I think they are part of the Kusama line. :smile: I have two pair and they are two of these most comfy shoes I own.