If you had a color choice...


If you had a color choice...

  1. Khaki!

  2. Blue!

  3. Another Color! (please specify)

  4. None!! Choose another summer bag! (please specify!)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you could choose between the Khaki color or the Blue color in the Mono Mino Josephine, which one would you choose? By Khaki, I don't mean the Mossy Green TST color, but the older Khaki color from a few years back. And NOT the TST's for the Blue. Am I confusing everyone yet?:confused1:

    I've included pics from authentic_lvlady and Let-trade to try and show you what I mean, I hope they won't get upset that I've borrowed the pics!!

    I'm looking for a summer bag, but I'm not sure which one would look better?? I already have the Josephine TST in Khaki.


    I kinda want a bag that I could wear on my shoulder, which is why I'm not thinking of the Azure Speedy... yet. :sweatdrop: The Josephine I can actually wear on my shoulder! :p
  2. i prefer the blue one...
  3. The white background blue like the Juilette or Christie bags.
  4. Fudge, I forgot the pics...
    blue.jpg khaki.jpg
  5. but would the blue be too 'dark' for summer?
  6. I choose blue. :yes:
  7. blue is my favorite color!
  8. Cherry!
  9. I like the blue..and I think it can work at any time of the year..navy blue shows up a lot in the "nautical" look which is always hot in the warmer months.
  10. I'm not a fan of Mono Mini, but if I was, I would get blue.
  11. I like the blue one.
  12. I'm going bonkers staring at both pics!!
  13. i would go with blue.
  14. cherry!
  15. Whoops -- I voted for khaki and then I saw that you didn't mean the TST. The TST Khaki was my favorite.