If you had a choice on Croc...


Croc Kelly first or Croc Birkin first??

  1. Croc Kelly for sure!

  2. I would die for a Croc Birkin!

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  1. I'm looking to the future and my target would be to get a Croc bag. But would it be a croc Kelly or a croc Birkin? What do you guys think. If your next bag is for sure a croc bag, would you go for a croc Kelly first or a croc Birkin first?
  2. Actually, it's personal preference, whispa....as it would be in any skin, wouldn't you feel? Which would make your heart beat faster? Both? Or does one style feel more exciting than the other? For me, it would be a Kelly 25 in Sellier. But, tho I love both styles, I feel crocodile is just prettier in the Kelly shape.
  3. I agree with Susi. With croc being a "busy" skin, IMHO it looks best on bags with clean lines. I vote for a Kelly in 28cm or smaller.
  4. Glad you did a poll on this Whispa. I had my heart set on my first Croc in a 32 Sellier Kelly but then had DH was telling me that a 30cm Birkin would be better for me. I'm still leaning towards the Kelly, but the 30cm Birkin would be a very very very close second for me.
  5. I have a crocodile birkin and a crocodile jpg birkin however, i saw a GORGEOUS kelly on a parisian lady the other day in Hermes boutique and let me tell u.. crocodile is most gorgeous and classy on a kelly rather than birkin!
  6. kelly. every time.
  7. wow, how exciting, the kelly and the birkin is tied on the polls :P
  8. I really love how croc Kelly looks :love: But, I just recently saw a croc Birkin on a lovely lady's arm on my recent trip to Houston and it was TDF as well... so now I'm very confused as to which one to go for first. If I went for the croc kelly, my top choices in color would be Miel or Braise. In the Birkin I think I would go for Orange...
  9. i would secretly buy a vintage 28cm croc kelly myself and have DH buy me a 30cm croc birkin! :graucho: i can easily tell him the croc kelly was my mom's. but as far as which to buy first, whatever comes my way first i guess. i love them both!
  10. I was just looking at everyone's avatar, and if I look at Bagg's Croc Birkin and look at 24's Croc Kelly, both set my heart racing... so maybe I love both of them equally as much? maybe when i'm ready i'll go on the hunt and which ever one I come across first in my color/size choice I'll just take that one...
  11. haha... I was just saying the samething N. I love them both!
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  12. Kelly!
  13. 28cm Kelly! No question! Every time I look at mine my heart soars!!!!!
  14. If I were to get a croc Kelly it would have to a 28 no question!
  15. I would go for a 28cm croc kelly first, and then a 30cm croc birkin. Braise and miel would be TDF on a kelly!!:heart: