If you had a choice of only one reissue which one would you get??


Which color reissue?

  1. Blue Patent Reissue w/ gold hardware

  2. Orignal White Reissue w/ silver

  3. Original Grey Reissue w/ silver

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I just recieved the blue patent 227


    I have a chance to get the original white 227 reissue or the orignal grey reissue

    Which one?? I can only have one b-cuz I hope to get the original black reissue one day

  2. I would keep the blue patent! Wow! It sounds gorgeous. :drool: I don't really like the color gray. :confused1:
  3. grey without a doubt!
  4. I voted grey...sooooooooooo gorgeous!! :love:
  5. LOL.^^

    Two grey and one blue. Just enough to confuse me. :okay::roflmfao:

    Can i ask why you ladies prefer each one??

    if i had a money tree I would get every color but I can't so I have to make a smart decision about which one I would get the most use out of.....
  6. The navy blue & gold is stunning. I like bags that stand out, so I prefer the patent one. I saw a pic of the navy reissue in another thread & it's :drool:. I would also like a black metallic or black patent reissue or the dark silver one. :nuts: I don't have one yet, but I'm leaning towards the dark silver as my one & only. I'm like you, I'd like one in every color :graucho:, but I have to pick & choose the best for me. If you already have the navy patent in your hands, I'd for sure keep it. Pics???????
  7. i don't like the grey reissue, it looks really drab IMO. I'd go for the white, but if i were to choose I'd get the metallic black w/ silver hdware since you already have a stunning blue patent w/ gold hdware.
  8. Original white reissue, but I prefer metallic black or gold.
  9. I will take some pics this weekend. the blue really does stand out but I'm wondering if i might not get more use out of the grey or white.

    BUT the blue is also nearly impossible to find now. So I have to be sure if I let it go....I'd probably never get it back unless i went on eBay
  10. I hate patent bags, so I voted for grey. I like white too though!
  11. I thought so too the first time I saw them on the forum. But seeing pics of them over and over really made it grow on me.....
    but I also know of many ladies here who have the grey but have not worn it....

    i think you have to find the right color outfit. :yes:

    I've owned a lot of purses in my lifetime but never a grey one i don't think.
  12. Iluvbags! I would definitely keep the navy blue! As much as a lot of girls is wanting that color, we're the lucky ones who got the chance to own them!
  13. I don't particuarly love the patent on the larger bags.

    I actually voted for the grey b/c I find it to be very versatile and beautiful.
  14. I saw the blue patent reissue bag irl, and it is gorgeous. But, if I have a chance to buy only one reissue, it would be the white one. I think white color will work with a lot of my wardrobe, and is a color that I won't get tired of looking at for many years. Just a note...I do like grey too...hehe...
  15. Since you plan on getting the black reissue, I think the white is a nice complement to it.